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Call of the Wile
Man Weekend Pre-Invitations for 2023: 6/15/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Sean’s Man Weekend on his East Tennessee Homestead was the first of its kind in three years and was by far the best attended and most useful to the knuckle-dragging aspirations of those who gathered in a bid to elevate gruntdom above the prevailing National Fagg╬┐try. On Sunday morning before Mescaline Franklin and I departed for points east, the few remaining men discussed points of innovation for next year.
Keeping in mind that Sean did the cooking, and fought the most, and that I wrangled the gear and sanitizer and that he was close to heat stroke and my brittle ass could have at any moment broke, and the fighters need to concentrate on their performance and improvement we need:
-More lead time, which Sean will provide, maybe even getting the invitation posted before this goes up in the autumn.
-A long weekend:
...Friday arrive
...Saturday spar and train with a morning and afternoon training clinic
...Sunday Grunt Church—the fighting
…Monday departure
Refereed and scored bouts:
...The 1 minute round is perfect for mixing up matches and for reflecting a realistic survival situation.
...Fighters both select a referee from among the fighters and when the round is over, the three decide whether it was a draw or if there was a winner
...Blade rounds will no longer be timed but be best of three clean strokes
-Cook [so that Sean could coach during down times] who would also be the hydration natsy and medic
-Matchmaker/time keeper/score keeper and gear wrangler
The men want to have group fights.
My idea follows:
...This is done with boxing gloves, with the caveat that an ungloved hand just grabs. This makes three types of human chess pieces: two fists, two hands or hand and fist.
...That we fight by state contingents or alliance combinations in groups of 3-5, 6-8 or 9 plus.
...That we do this on the mat, which is about ten feet wide, lining up along the wide or narrow axis depending on the number of fighters
...That this is a timed bout of 1 minute for small teams, 2 for medium teams and 9 for the big brawl.
...We should have a lot of fun ideas and the non combatant observers, as with the news, should assign victory and defeat via vote, just like the media does.
For the men who did not make it or were not invited due to the short notice, Sean is interested in knowing if more like-minded knuckleheads would be willing to attend:
-Nero the Pict
-Guru Rick
Jersey-New York
-Crux Cross
-Mister Saffrono
-Any mates of Backfist Mick and Marcus Mickus?
-The Arborist Next Door would considerably beef up the Brick Mouse House Team
Great Lakes
-Electric Dan
-Dexter Devil Hand
-Their Big Goon Escrima Instructor [sorry, I forget the names of really good looking men who tower over me...its a self-esteem preservation theme]
-Richard Barrett
Rocky Mountains
-Bob [recommended cook]
-Jon Grace
-Pen Dread
Pacific Northwest
-Yeti Waters
-Portland Joe
-Capoera Eric
-The Captain
-The Colonel
-British National
-Juan Stabone, we need a rain check for our wrastle
-Bart Maney
-Sam Finlay
Backpack Republic
Hey, if there are any homeless knuckleheads out there, I’d feel a little less lonely at brawl time.
Webmaster's Note
As it says in Man Weekend 2023, the date is currently set to May 19-20.
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