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The Supreme Court Ruling
Megan and Mom Ask The Crackpot for His Opinion: 6/27/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
I had this almost identical question from both ladies this week:
“Did you here the big news? I’m upset. The Supreme Court has taken away a woman’s right to have an abortion. What do you think about this, that women who are raped or the victim of incest will not be able to get an abortion?”
-Megan and Mom, almost word for word on Saturday and Monday
I am pro-abortion. I think that every unwanted fetus should be yanked out with a coat hanger and tossed in a dumpster, which is more decent than what I suspect happens. I suspect that this fetal material is used by Planned Parenthood and other such evil agencies for life extension therapy and medical developments for benefiting homos and the elite.
I guarantee that if some poor girl in Mississippi wants an abortion, that Johns Hopkins or some other cannibalistic institution will raise money to transport her, abort the fetus and will then sell the baby parts to some ghoulish conclave of perverts, bland scientists or Fountain of Youth seekers. Realistically, I don’t see how any less abortions will be conducted then before. In a dying civilization there has got to be a big market for baby parts.
Personally, I would have been dead for some twenty years if not for some hundred thousand Hyenadon abortions in Baltimore between 1971 and 1981. I barely escaped from the Dark Well of Inquity I was born into as it was. Only ten thousand more Hyenadon warriors on the streets and I might have been snuffed.
Really, what is the matter with people who want other people to have a baby that is already hated in the womb enough to warrant its murder? How well will that child be treated?
Oh, he will be taken away from the slothful, hate-filled mother and raised by Foster Parents?
Oh, that is great, he will then be raped for a decade by pervert foster parents and turn into some kind of tranny medical patient or a rapist and child abuser himself.
The Brick Mouse pointed out the obvious benefit of this, that places like Maryland, where almost all people are shitty garbage cans of puss-injected mystery meat, fetal murder will limit future feral criminal populations. This will require some fresh savage meat puppets from Africa to be imported to keep driving remaining palefaces to extinction. That will be easily done.
Meanwhile, in places “In the Deep South” the social justice bitch covens will jet black women around the nation to have their babies killed and used for life extension therapy for people like Brill Yates, possibly removing not only the potential criminal fetus from that southern state, but the brood mother as well, who will be a martyr celebrity in her new location, literally worshipped like an ancient Egyptian cat in some place like Seattle.
I don’t see this changing the fact that not enough future criminals are being murdered in the womb. Despite this tragedy, I bet this will bring more fetal material into the possession of the reptilian medical cultists, which I suspect will reduce the increasing rate of how many of us adults are going to be harvested for medical research. Just like having tiny Asians and Natives as neighbors is helpful, in that the Hyenadons attack them as easier prey than this paleface, then perhaps increasing the supply of innocent fetuses being chucked into the meat-grinder of modernity instead of my ass, well, that is a good of a kind.
Ultimately, this bogus debate is an argument for Tyranny or Absolute Tyranny, conducted along the same false polarity as other American issues.
Pro-lifers want a woman to be forced to birth a child that she hates like a disease that is infecting her. That will put that child into the spiritual custody of The State.
Pro-Choicers want a woman to have the right of life and death over her baby up until and beyond the point where it could live outside her womb. I have no problem with that. If it is more convenient for her to have someone kill it as give birth to it, then kill that little freeloader. Ultimately, this path puts the child in physical custody of the New Leviathan, the power that is superseding The State, the Medical Corporation.
When a child is conceived in a woman that hates it then it is damned in any case, either a tortured soul echoing in the machine until it is extinguished, or a murdered soul whose body is fed into the meat grinder of the Medicalopolis that is Late Stage Modernity.
It all sounds like hell for the little bastard to me.
Personally, as much as I back abortion as a social good, it is Not My Brat and therefore not my business. Overcoming this ancient truth is the key to understanding the importance of this debate, that whatever side wins, it increases the aggregate belief among the Murican Mass Mind, that our bodies do not belong to us, but to The Higher Secular Power, whether The State or the Corporation.
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