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Going Offline
The Crackpot Will Not Be Able To Email: 8/5 thru 11/1 2022
© 2022 James LaFond
I have traveled with two computers for 4 years now. One does email and other online communication.
The other computer is only used for writing and going directly to the back end of my main website.
I am a techtard, who has lost a computer a year due to travel hazards, my own retardation, and opening emails. I will not risk the computer that is being used to compose 22 books at the same time to the email hazards, which have killed 3 of 4 computers. I cannot currently afford to replace this machine if lost.
As of 8/4/2022 this web site is scheduled for a post a day through January 2023.
I will not have a new online computer for months. The time will be used to complete:
3 novels
1 history book
an autobiography
a travel book
If you wish to send a prompt for an article, send it to Flop the Zero Phone at 443 686 0598, who cannot read links or view videos, but only receive text, and I will answer this prompt in an article to post in January 23.
Thank you for your support and tolerance:
James, Thursday, August 4, Baltimore City, Zombieland
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sons of aryas
the year the world took the z-pill
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