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I Don't Have Your Number
© 2022 James LaFond
In July, right after Flip the Hero Phone was retired and Flop the Zero Phone replaced him I was contacted by a handful of folks.
Flop died almost a month ago. I think it was the vaϲϲine they shot him up with at the clinic. So, I lost your number, a handful of you. And the phone numbers that are still stored o old reliable, de-comissioned Flip, I'll get them entered in to The Phone With No Name eventually. My sister told me that I turned it off too much, that these tranny flip-smart phones get confused when you turn them off, that they are supposed to stay turned on ALL THE TIME!
So, a fellow whose handle is Coach, who once interviewed me on The Fatherland podcast, contacted me and asked me to appear on a podcast that I think, has Hause in the title. I told him I would get back to him, and can't. So, if you know the man or how he can be informed, please tender my apologies. I have access to a machine to skype with for the next three weeks, so do have a window to have a discussion with him.
The number is 443-686-0598
Thank you.
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Who me     Sep 11, 2022

Before talking to Full Haus, James really should solicit the advice of Adam at myth20c about who these people are. Coach is known as a Washington DC insider. (“Former”.)

He is NOT Jim from the Fatherland. I may be wrong but I believe Jim was forced off the podcast circuit by Coach and his ilk. Where the Fatherland was about teaching (white) boys to grow up and be men, Full Haus is about whining about how unfair the world is to white men. Which is true, but nobody ever fixed that problem by being a whiner.

A better fit for James would be to talk to the guy at AK Nation. He’s a black ex-con who talks about the problems in the ‘hood and black society. His basic premise seems to be that blacks need strong discipline in order to not do dumb things. He also tries to explain to white viewers that expecting black hoodies to behave “rationally” is foolish. He’s also pretty pro-police so James would both have something in common (hood rat issues) and something to push back on (more cops is not the answer). AKNation is on YouTube and gets around censorship by using the euphemisms “sun people” and “glacier gliders”.
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