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Graphomania Diary
Curating Literary Insanity: 2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Copyright 2022 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Lynn Lockhart Publisher
On September 16, 2022, an untrained novelist, unsanctioned journalist, conspiracy theorist and amateur historian completed an unplanned and unstructured novel of 17 chapters, begun 16 days hence. Said writer forewent his normal ritual of getting drunk to erase the lingering shreds of the latest project. Before going to bed, he checked his book completion log and noted that he had started and completed 17 books in 2022, 2 books more than projected.
Resolving to finish a journal over the coming weekend, this crackpot went to sleep. This sleep was plagued by nightmares of curation, haunted by the 78 books awaiting reading, [1] editing and publication. For such a crackpot, for a graphomaniac, it is unusual to see his work in print, unable as he is to afford the purchase or to haul such a purchased book into exile.
-Note 1: according to the process initiated here this is wrong:
8 history
2 +1 biography
13 fiction
58 nonfiction
equals: 81 or 82 titles.
Awaking over and over, wracked by the thought that his best novel was behind him, despairing of completing two sprawling history projects, and continuing to generate ten books a year that he knows damn well will not be printed in his lifetime, the goofball woke before dawn, at 3:48 A.M., determined to devote the necessary time to judge what of his extant unpublished work deserved a second look.
The latest novel, an indictment of risen ghosts, had been done experimentally, not in three-part arcs as set forth by Aristotle, but—noting the former’s regard for Homer—in four, four-part cycles, being a science-fiction treatment of the Homeric gods.
I dedicate this embarrassingly therapeutic screed to my fellow writers, who have often wondered at the high output from someone who cannot type.
Note: this computer is 14 months old. The E is almost erased and the following letters have white dots from my sideways finger strokes with the right middle finger: T, I, O, A, S, N, with the D and the H developing a gray dot.
It will be appended by my monthly writing journals from the year. Embarrassingly, this will be the 21st book on the year, unless the Ego flies off and does another novel to make it 22, which would further complicate the issue here trying to be solved.
Inspirational Quote:
“Why would they ban your books? It makes no sense—you don’t sell. I know, I’ve checked your numbers.”
-Jack Donovan, Portland, Oregon, 2019
Thanks, Jack. That let me know I was out of my depth, because I’ve never even been able to figure out my book sales, or even how many books I have written or published.
For the self-diagnosis of his affliction the Graphomaniac has decided, decides here now, at 5:42 A.M., to forego all such constructs and begin the curating of his work according to value. Those genres he has written in, listed according to their value, from greater to lesser are:
...Plantation America [including historical novels]
...Aryas Project
...Elder Earth
...Sunset Saga
...Printed Draft Available
This scheme will be applied to the 78 books listed below:
2022 Completions = 17
-Holiday Blue at 34,909
-Dialogues at Dusk at 25,152 words
-Plantation America, at 92,051 words
-Cox & Swain at 55,033 words, 17,681 being nonfiction appendices 27th
-Awes West at 13,008 words, on 17th
-Writ Hate at 15,207 words,
-Dipping Out at 13,278 words
-Dystopia Now, 24,805 words
-The Search for Juju Quartermaine [37,000 words]
-Covidocracy [10,903 words
-Ranger? [64,919 words]
-In the Feedlot of Souls [24,100 words]
-Into the Gaslight [17005 words]
-Sea to Citay See, at 40,772 words
-Wake Christopher [20,014 words]
-Plague Journal [46,494 words]
-Sorcerer [37,050 words]
2021 Completions
-Blunders of the Divisible World [108,079 words]
-In These Goings Down [136,076 words]
-Beyond the Pale [28,305 words]
-Bend Time [42,726 words]
-A Wrong Time Ago [43,468 words]
-Beasts of Aryas at 117,465 words
-Of an Iron Harp at 16,374 words,
-Baltimore Requiem at 29,726 words
-Cube [19,623 words]
-Uprising [unlisted]
-Fire and Vice [27,985 words]
-Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus [64 pages available as a print draft]
2020 Completions
-Soliloquy 21,643 words available as a print draft
-Prentice Dolphin [17,567 words ]
-Search for an American Spartacus [140,798 words]
-Randy Bracken Goes to Hell: [40,000-plus words]
-A Science-Haunted World [21,238 words] [available as print draft]
-Unbowed 21,385 words [available as print draft]
-Wytchfinder 22,859 words available as a print draft
-Afterdark at 18,465 words available as print draft
-How God Saved Mars [19,567 words] available as print draft
-Exodus Aryas [available as print draft]
-The Giver [14,000 words] available as a print draft
-Darksome Dawn [12,212 words] [available as print draft]
-Solo Boxing [18,674 words] available as print draft
-Eight-Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds [13,862 words] available as print draft
-Harpy Haj [14,159 words] available as print draft
-Emasculinity to Infinity [13,279 words] available as print draft
-Anubis' Gate [21,166 words] available as print draft
-Good Book Bad Book [11,161 words] available as print draft
-Shamdemic Survivor [13,355] available as print draft
-In the Crease of Might [15,794] available as print draft
-In the Shadow of Fright [18,054 words] available as print draft
-In the Shallows of Night [19,191 words] available as print draft
-Juan Stabone: Tao of the Last Good Cop [10,759 words]
-Might [63,617]
-Of the Midnight Sun [11,829 words] available as print draft
-Morning: On the Overton Railroad [ 11,074 ] available as print draft
-Dusk [44,864 words] available as print draft
-Dark Kangdom [75,002 words] available as print draft
-Sons of Aryas [117, 403 words]
2019 and before
-Ghost Snatcher [14,597 words]
-As Darkness Falls [45,771 words] available as print draft
-Dark Age [78,463 words] available as print draft
-Meat-Puppet Masquerade [62,696 words]
-American Dream Boat [13,276 words]
-Weak Devil [32,816 words] available as print draft
-Confessor [11,832 words]
-Seven Moons Deep [67,235 words]
-Knuckleheads and Wonderboys and Weirdworkers [70,055 words ]
-On Combat [40,962]
-Of Fear and Night [27,319]
-WrongThink Sink [66,835 words]
-Within the Reduction Engine [38,111 words]
-Vagabond Mind [47,872 words]
-My Younger Self [26,618 words]
-Woke Devil [30,805 words]
-Why Grownups Suck [29,756 words] Vile Root included
-Harm City 2 Chicongo 1 [51,984 words]
-Winter in a Dying City [30,176 words] available as print draft
-This Island of Broken Men [47,099 words] available as print draft
-Dawn: on the Overton Railroad [35,804 words] available as print draft
End List
The above is prioritized like fresh groceries, first in first out, rather than as art vying for rare attention. The 78 works on this list will be prioritized, so that the author might take the final month of the year to do editorial work.
This author does not rate his editorial work good enough to apply to biography or history.
He does not rate method or journalism works valuable enough to deserve his diminishing time.
He will devote his editorial work purely to fiction, in order to free up the editor/publisher to edit history and publish fiction.
This will provide this graphomaniac with ample time to complete:
-Moonbow [Journalism]
-Destination Winter [Journalism]
-Jimmy [Autobiography]
-An undetermined novel [Fiction]
-This damned book [Journalism]
This will bring the total number of unpublished books under consideration to 83.
These 83 books will be treated with in the following sections, in which the works will be listed in order of priority, and will note: Title
The last five designations may or may not be filled.
Lynn Lockhart is my exclusive publisher, except when some title or another has been given to a named party, in which case both parties have print publishing rights, Lynn in hardback, the co-publisher paperback.
Each genre will differ in kind as well as in priority, and will be treated in the following sections:
Graphomaniac History
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 1
Graphomaniac Biography
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 2
Graphomaniac Fiction
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 3
Graphomaniac Methods
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 4
Graphomaniac Journalism
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 5
Thank you for supporting my literary misbehavior.
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