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Graphomaniac Fiction
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 3
© 2022 James LaFond
Unpublished Novels = 13
Fiction is going to be mostly a one man show. It is the thing I have to write, doesn’t sell that much, is the main reason why I write, and should not take my editor away from historical work. For this reason historical fiction is listed with history. There will, perhaps, be Sons of Aryаs fiction as well, that would list under that series.
For now, there are three categories of fiction:
...Elder Earth [ series beginning]
...Sunset Saga [series ending]
I have three Sunset Saga readers, two of whom have volunteered to read the remaining two volumes. So, first priority is to edit:
-1. Seven Moons Deep
Pendleton Shaw’s Quest for the Seven Cities of the Moon: Book Four of The Sunset Saga
2019, 67,235 words, could use a lunar/primal forest graphic
Readers engaged
Editor: The Graphomaniac
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
The final Sunset Saga book is WhiteSkyCanoe to be written.
Other Novels
-0. American Dream Boat
A Tale of the America of 2048
2019, 13,304 words,
Reader/Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-0.1 Uprising
A Wendigo Short Novel
2021, 21,782 words, a photo of The Bear Tooth Mountains or Cooke City Mountana
Reader/Editor/Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-2. Ghost Snatcher
In the Company of Heroes in the Shadow of America
2019, 14,597 words,
Reading done by Banjo
Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-3. Juan Stabone
Tao of the Last Good Cop
2020, 10,759 words, need a photo of a late 1970s BPD cruiser
Reading done by Juan Stabone
Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn
-4. Confessor
A Tale of Ancient Oth
2019, 11,832 words
Reading done by C
Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-5. Prentice Dolphin
An Epic Mission of Soliloquy
2020, 17,567 words, graphic of a snowbound cathedral, church or castle
Reading and editing: the Graphomaniac
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-6. Beyond the Pale
The Seven Fantastic Heresies of Heshman Shew Mote
2021, 28,305 words, graphic in hand
Reader/Editor: the Graphomaniac
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Elder Earth
-7. Sorcerer!
The Acts of Awes West: A Tale of Elder Earth
2022, 37,050 words, Wyoming graphic
Reader: Paul Bingham
Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-8. Ranger?
The Acts of the Knights Trace in Awes South: A Novel of Elder Earth
2022, 64,919 words
Reader: Paul Bingham
Editor: the Graphomaniac
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
Other Elder Earth novels are in outline form.
-9. Wake Christopher
or Whack the Blue, a Novel
2022, 20,014 words
Reader/Editor: James
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
-10. Writ Hate
Land Whaling Among the Eaters—A Novel
2022, 15,207 words
Reader/Editor: The Crackpot
Publisher: Poor Lynn
-11. Holiday Blue
A Novel of Titanic Ennui and Rebirth
2022, 34,909, a graphic of Earth from Space
Reader/Editor: Graphomaniac
Publisher: Lynn Lockhart
That is 13 novels, completed and not yet published, with 2 in the editing process, 1 in the reading process, and 3 read.
Rather than write a few more novels this year, I will read and edit 11 of these 13 novels so that Lynn need only arrange the text, design the cover, and publish the books.
If I do end up writing another novel in before year’s end, that work will get pushed to 2023. for me to effectively proof and edit my own fiction, it has to sit until after I write other books and forget as much of the content as possible.

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