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Harvest and Rain
Considering the Curse of Plantation America: 8/28/22
© 2022 James LaFond
We have seen in many cases, how the reality of Plantation America—a rural margin and wild hinterland—were obscured and misrepresented to the English underclasses as a fruitful paradise. Gottlieb Mitterberger’s accounts of the Newlanders [1] in 1750, in Leah and Rachel by Hammond [2] in 1656, in George Alsop’s A Character of the Province of Mary-Land [3] in 1665, were all operations in real time deception. These deceptions are reflected forward in time, often with a thinly veiled truth glaring forth, such as in Increase Mather’s Indian Warr [4] in 1676.
The Declaration of Independence offers an excellent example of rural facts being twisted to politically motivate urban folk, is the statement that the “known rule of war” among Indian tribes is to slaughter all women and children. All frontiersmen, admirers, allies, enemies or haters of the tribes, knew, and expressed even in their diaries of captivity, how the actual known rule of war among tribal warriors was to abduct women and children and either ransom or adopt them, only killing such captives in the interest of operational security. [4]
Thus it is no wonder that our out of time view of the actual Plantation past is a misunderstanding set in the mythic Colonial past.
Recently, since coming back to the Rocky Mountains I have observed real time lies, omissions and distortions of reality into myth.
All across the nation, in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, as I visited, the cold lasted a month longer into spring, the nights were and are cooler [except in the Pacific Northwest] and the planting season was a month late. Yet the news focuses on record heat, ignoring the pervasive chill of cooling air even during the single month of historically normal heat.
Bob knows I love the beautiful, willowy, blond, Salt Lake City weather girls on the news, so saves me the weather report on YouTube for morning coffee. In the past two weeks, every afternoon, rain clouds gather and usually rain upon these Northern Utah mountains. Sometimes these are harsh storms. The reservoirs have gone from almost empty to refilled in a year after a 7 year drought. Mushrooms and fruit parasites are growing and spawning in record numbers. Again, today, the rain clouds build over the mountains. Yesterday, as every day, the weather report said there would be no rain, and today, after there was rain, it was reported that there had been no rain, and the rain coming for this afternoon will not happen, and after it does, it will be reported tomorrow, that it did not rain.
These are naked lies, actually monetized and sold to those thirsty for such lies. Shayne said to me, “The news is not for us, it’s for them [city folk].
The above is no conspiracy, but a reflection of an overriding priority. The news is for the consumption of the 3 million people in the urban and suburban Wasatch Front, where rain impedes recreation, and they entire relationship with the natural world involves driving to indoor jobs and recreational diversions. Those mere tens of thousands inhabiting The Wasatch Back and the Kamas Valley, where rain grows food, are not addressed, their news, equaling no news and being not just erased from the weather record, but not recorded in the first place.
Last week, as I sat in church, at a prosperity gospel denomination’s service, I was introduced to an old hay farmer, by my host’s wife, as a man that “comes and helps with the harvest.” Knowing that Deb and Bob are not commercial, money farmers, which is what a hay farmer is, not using his produce but selling it, the man corrected her, and reminded her, that the work her and Bob and I do in the fall, harvesting vegetables enough to feed a family for a year, slaughtering chickens, selling eggs to pay for chicken feed, does not rise to the level of “harvest.” Mere survival does not rise to the level of harvesting.
This is a reflection of the American mind, that only money is the measure of man, that no amateur athlete is a ballplayer, only if he is a professional may he be so identified. The lady apologized and admitted to “merely gardening” and the man sneered at me and shook his head, having found a fraud, who does not really work when he bends his back, shovels, dirties his hands, and loads baskets of food, but merely engages in play, for his work does not money pay.
Even this is but a lower plane of The Hallowed American Lie, for this man does not earn money, but currency, actual money having been taken out of circulation beyond the precious metal collectors market.
Such constant, ongoing real time lies, employed to correct observations of American Reality and redirect those observations into delusions of American Mythology, have their origins in Plantation America, its distortion into Colonial America, all sharing in their destination Media Programmed America.
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‘Planting for Future Generations’
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