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Mr. and Mrs. Gardener
Reflection on the Ameripocalypse with Bull Hansen and Bob: Utah 8/21/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
The Wilderness and the Mail Carrier
Bob and I were watching Bull Hansen answering survivalist questions and comments on a live stream when that serene and centered Norwegian power lifter mention that being a food producer makes you a target in any collapse situation. I answered, “Well, Jamal and Tyrone like potatoes, but they do not grow food.”
Deb said, “Why grow it when you can take it?”
“There you go, Deb, you are qualified to lead an American street gang.”
Bob said, “Does Jamal or Tyrone have a high-powered rifle and can they use it?”
“No, Bob, that is why Jamal and Tyrone depend upon the police to protect them from your racist oppression.”
Bob then winced and they related to me that a mail carrier in Bountiful, Utah was mugged at knife point by a group of people. I said, “Were they blond guys in white shirts and black ties on bicycles?”
Laughter rang and Bob, snarled, “You would recognize them, wearing hoddies and looking just like your friends back east and there is no way they make up 13% of the population out here.”
“Well, Bob, we are halfway to feudalism here. Black people make up 13% of the population and account for 56% of violent crime. Now, take out the women and you have 6% of the population. Take out the one third of black men who are hard working and law abiding, and then remove the one third of them who only pile on to criminal activity occurring in the small area where they live, and we are reduced to 2% of the population, the nobility, committing most crime.
Feudal societies assign roughly 2% of man power to violence and the rest to production.
Then factor in that the cops, the royalty, commit most of the rest of the violence, and we see that 2.1% of the population is being groomed to rule us in the old way, by naked force.
If you defend against blacks in most portions of the nation, especially where most people live in the cities and suburbs, the cops will come and take you away.
This recalled how things were in Saturday morning, yesterday, as I helped Bob with his garden and egg business. One beautiful hipster couple in an SUV and three Mexican families appeared in the front yard and on the front porch to buy Bob’s eggs for $5 a dozen. The 14 planter boxes we put in last year appeal to the eye, especially of the Mexicans, and are ignored by the towering whites who only want eggs.
Bob boxes eggs, lumbers and deals and I pick squash and hand off bags. The command of English is slight. The Mexican children are well behaved and stand behind the fathers, all three working men with scarred hands and leathery faces. The mothers wonder at the garden and smile and thank us and suggest vegetable purchases to the husbands.
Bob and the Mexican men belong to the same honor culture divided by language, with them haggling not over how much the produce should cost, but that Bob should take their egg money even though he ran out of eggs. Bob refuses thrice and the Mexican insists four times that Bob take his egg money. Bob then insists that the Mexican take some squash, which I pick for and hand to him.
In a near collapse situation, Bob’s garden house will be a target, a target of good will, with Mexican men offering to do work for food and even asking to park their trucks and set up tents for their families and help work the gardens and tend the chickens. Of course, this is in the high deserts where hoodrats only make up 1% of the urban population an hour’s ride away in the Great Basin below.
Mr. and Mrs. Gardener
In most of American gardens, within a half hour drive of Jamal and Tyrone, who now have brand new SUVs and sports cars thanks to pre-forgiven college student loans which are just used to buy cars for committing crimes on behalf of the Government and real estate interests, the typical American gardener will have Tyrone and Jamal showing up with Kebmo and WrayWray. If he is a prepper, and he shoots one of these worthies, or brandishes a weapon, Jamal will call in the cops and Mr. Gardener will be hauled away awaiting trial.
The cops will send away the hoodrats and one will woe the gardeners wife and start bending her over the kitchen counter with promises that her sacrifice will get a lighter charge for her husband. The cops will stop by and pick up produce for their wives and having sex with Mrs. Gardener. [1] Eventually, Child Protective Services will take away any older children that oppose the rape of their mother.
Eventually the police will lose interest in the oft-raped Mrs. Gardener as Mr. Gardener languishes behind bars. Her gardening will fall behind as she will lose spirit to work and her children are given drugs by the cops and her daughters are raped.
Jamal and Tyrone will return, hungry for french fries and mashed potatoes and white pussy. Without Mister Gardener waving a gun around, and having learned that calling in the cops saves your ass but results in the cops taking the food and pussy, Jamal and Tyrone will offer to protect Mrs. Gardener so long as she plants, grows, picks, cleans and cooks potatoes for them and sucks their dicks. In this way the cop storm will pass by as underground crops like potatoes and carrots are grown for Jamal and Tyrone.
Eventually, Jamal and Tyrone will be killed by cops over a stupid event or whacked by fellow Gawds and leave Mrs. Gardener and her remaining raped children to drift off in hopes of finding a kind soul like Bob who will let them live in his shed or garage in return for tending his garden.
But Bob is a thousand miles away. So on that quest to find a patron or matron, Mrs. Gardener and her children will be arrested, the children assigned by Child Protective Services to families as domestic laborers or adopted out to homosexual married couples with their gender reassignment surgery mandated by the court, with Mrs. Gardener imprisoned for child abuse and raped by guards and fellow inmates until she commits suicide.
That is a realistic near-collapse gardening life cycle in surburban or close rural America; these was the facts of life for most of humanity for most of civilization, to be raped and pillaged of self and the fruits of their labor by the men with spears, swords, horses and guns. The horses are now automobiles, and as soon as proper restrictions on the private individual use of autos are mandated, and only Government Agents, NGOs, Corporations and Security Contractors have access to vehicles, we will then be placed back in the serf’s place that dominated the lives of our ancestors for thousands of years.
Oh, and as for Jamal and Tyrone, those who are not killed, will be acquired by the various entities named above as informants, torturers, looters, child-nabbers, and as human bloodhounds, just as the Spanish conquistadors of the 1500s used the Gomeran Islanders to hunt the men of Grand Canary and Fire Island, and the U.S. Army of the 1880s used Apache and Crow warriors to hunt other tribesmen to extinction and onto the reservation.
-1. This is exactly what cops have traditionally done in the Drug War, lock up the black man and then come by and have sex and do drugs with his woman while he is behind bars. In the War on Unlicensed Food Production, a like dynamic will emerge, almost identical to the feudal knight’s rape of the serf’s wife or daughter as the serf sits locked in the stocks, laboring on the knight’s ground, or hanging from chains for disobedience. [2]
-2. See the cause of Wat Tyler’e Revolt in England from the 1380s, the rape of his daughter by a tax collector, and the backing of that rape by the King and Nobility as Wat was murdered at parlay.
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