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By Road
Most Impressive Scenic Views: Part 3 of 9: 9/9/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
The following views are most memorable, in part, because they involved riding as a passenger and dismounting and walking around for hiking vantages, often with a driver who knew the area well.
-1. Dead Indian Pass, Beartooth Mountains, Wyoming and Montana, described in the novel Uprising
-2. Medicine Wheel Mountain, Wyoming, described in the novel Sorcerer! and the short story The Negotiator
-3. Blindstream Pass, Utah, helped change a flat truck tire without an adequate jack, described in the novel Holiday Blue
-4. Horsetail Falls, Oregon, the car we were driving in to the hiking location blew up on the way back, to be described in the novel Slaver
-5. Chalk Creek Road to Bear River Pass, mostly on old logging roads, in Utah [1]
-6. Bald Mountain Pass, Utah [1]
-7. Parley’s Summit Pass, Utah, [1]
-8. Flat Iron overlook from the back of Hoyt’s Mountain over the West Fork of the Weber River, Utah [1]
-9. U.S. I-80 through Echo Canyon from Wanship, Utah to Evenston, Wyoming.
-10. Yellow Stone River Gorge, Wyoming, to be described in the novel Knight
-11. Red Lodge, Montana, to be described in the novel Knight
-12. Duck River Crossing to Romney West Virginia on U.S. Route 50, described in the novel Ghosts of The Sunset World
-13. Roaring River Hollow, Missouri [2]
-14. Eureka Springs Arkansas, [2]
-15. The old farm route hollow to Eureka Springs in Missouri [2]
-16. Boston Mountains, Arkansas, Osage, Elk and Bear River hollows, described in the novel Ranger? [2]
-17. Red Rock Canyon, Colorado, [2]
-18. Smith & Morehouse Canyon, Utah [1]
-19. Wolf Creek Canyon, Utah
-20. Stawberry Utah, via U.S. Route 40 West
-21. Francis, Utah bottom road
-22. The iron and flint hill back roads around Strausburgh, Pennsylvania, where Frank Frazetta’s museum is, near New York State
-23. The Shenandoah Valley. The Algonquin meaning is HerHairFlowsDownByTheHills. The river that waters much of this long Appalachian valley empties into the Potomac River [WildGooseRiver] at Harper’s Ferry a location that figured prominently in the novels Thunderboy and Thunderbird.
-24. Old Jerusalem Mill Road, near Gunpowder Falls, Harford County, MD, where the next to last chapter of Cox & Swain was set
-25. Gunpowder River Estuary, canoed and crabbed there, at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, where scenes were set in the novel Big Water Blood Song
-26. Green River Falls, near the Ghost Town of Franklin, Washington, where a scene in the novel Wake Christopher was set
-27. Snoqualamie Falls, where a scene in the novel Slaver is planned
-1. setting for the novel Wife—
-2. setting for the novel Ranger?
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