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‘To Just Play the Game and Perish’
A Dialogue with Musician Barry Bliss: 12/3/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
The following message was processed by Lynn back to me under the file title, ‘Barry Bliss Sincere.’ I have enjoyed reading this very much, and will read it again now and then offer some words at the end. Barry is a musician. He has a link to his work here. I have not listened to music in some time and do not even know how I would do such a thing on line. I can no longer view fight videos on line. My entire media input comes from listening to audio books Lynn mailed me on an external drive and reading large text files in open office that she converted from primary source pdfs, and, such documents as these which she has also converted for my oculation. If you are one of those humans who listen to music, check out Barry’s link.
From Barry Bliss Sep 1
Part 3 (Last one.)
I know you won't be reading these until November.
I have a flip phone, but it's never powered on and I have not sent a text in at least 5 years. I just don't like it. There's no need for me to contact you quickly anyway.
I know you say that at least some of your sales money goes to others, but perhaps you get something.
Since buying a few pdfs from you, I have bought paperbacks of:
When Your Food, Raw
Masculine Axis
Man Gearing
White in the Savage Night
Of Lions and Men, and
Under the God of Things
I was fortunate to start with Taboo You, because I believe that probably is the one most suited to, and describing, myself.
As you can see from the titles, my interest right now is mainly in masculinity (and courage, frankly).
It's true I am unemployed, unallowed to work by the city of Y for refusing the shots. (I do, for better or worse, accept food stamp assistance right now), but the money spent on your books I see as money well spent. I am seeing correctly. These books are part of my journey as a man, right now. To wait until I had a job would be to miss the boat.
If you ever decide (and you do not owe me it, nor am I even asking it) to check out more than one video of me singing, I recommend the album I did not long ago where I re recorded a few of my older songs.
Perhaps it is the same for you, but I stand behind all of my albums, even while knowing there are some mistakes and also some words I might would change if doing it fresh.
My aunt was apparently appalled when she heard my music a few years ago. She talked to my mother about it. My mother asked me "Do you still feel that way?" (Mother cannot stand my music.) I just said "Yes", because though I would change a word here and there, basically, Yes, I still believe that the world is Hell and that there is nothing to believe in. (Between you and I, I believe in Truth, I believe in Love, and I do not even have a problem with personifying nothing and calling it the Lord in Heaven, but to say 'Yes, I believe in something" would mislead. I see love as nothing. It's real. It's simply not a thing. No thing is real. Not schooling you, just explaining.)
Your ideas inspire and challenge me. I may find some of them to not work for me, but the way a man finds that out is not by shutting his eyes, but by truly looking. I absorb your thoughts when I read your work, confident that anything untrue will fall away of it's own accord.
I am confident you do not lie, but like myself, you are still human, and like me, your art my contain some mistakes. staying open, being sincere, we risk no chance of being weakened by taking in each other's work.
Again, you do not owe me anything. Do not even check out on song if uninspired. Trust me, I know people that buy my albums and listen to every song and I do not listen to there stuff. Matter of fact, I almost never listen to music and I own about 4 cds.
We may meet on day, we may not, but how interesting it is, for me, to have found an author, a fellow artist, close to my age, who has not decided to just play the game and perish, being of no real worth.
This is long, but won't be repeated, at least not unless we correspond one day.
Take care, James, and thanks for writing your books and posts.
My family, particularly the women, have a disgust, dismay and hatred for my work. We certainly have that in common, sir. It is strange to be contacted by men in my age range with positive feedback. The men who approve of my work tend to be more bitten by age than I or much younger.
Barry, this is very touching for me. I wrote Taboo You for the minority of men who I call Omegas, recognizing only three masculine types, the majority being Betas and the larger minority Alphas. I was inspired by Jack Donovan’s remodeling of traditional tribal masculine culture into a post-modern masculinity consumption hierarchy. That men can only express themselves as men as part of a hierarchy was not the case for tens of thousands of years. However, it is the case now, under The Feminine Rule of Modernity, that to succeed in the material realm and still engage in masculine pursuits, that one must MASTER or SLAVE be.
Do note that Jack has about 250,000 readers and I have 4,000. He is the lion of masculinity and I the jackal. It was Jack’s work that set me to writing Taboo You. If we think of Modernity as a kill, then Jack’s dismissal of the Free Spirited, Outlier Man as not existing in genuine masculine terms, but as a corruption and weakening, makes sense. The lion might concern himself with the hyena, but has nothing but contempt for the jackal. When me met, Jack was astonished that four of my books had been banned, blurting, “But you don’t sell. I’ve checked your numbers,” as if to say, ‘You cannot possibly be a threat. You don’t make money.’
Jack is right. In our current reality one must rape or be raped, one must kneel or assume the throne. There is no longer a place for an Enkidu, Samson, Odysseus, Achilles, Herakles or Beowulf, no Tecumseh, Lewis Wetzel, Simon Kenton, Turtle, Crazy Horse, Black Hawk, Geronimo, Marno, etc. Jack is right, if you want The World to reward you, you need to kiss the ring of power and climb the mighty stair of Uruk, ever a slave, until you become Gilgamesh, or, suffer the fate of Enkidu.
Now, for most men, being natural born slaves, taking the knee is easy. Their lot is a Purgatory on earth, within Time. For some men, they being few, they must climb the mighty stair, finding their limit within or atop the hierarchy and their wax without shame or bitterly wane. For these men it is Paradise on earth or nothing. For these alphas it is often preferable to perish and be kicked off the stair then to kneel. For when one is low on the hierarchy, a lesser man placed higher up can kick you into oblivion, and that is preferable to licking his boot straps. Jack has written well and effectively for those members of the vast majority and the small elite.
As a loser and a dropout, I wanted to write a book for my unsuccessful fellows.
Seeing constant evidence throughout history and in real hierarchical life, that the man who has not the stomach to lick the boots of a lesser man, and also lacks the desire to rule lesser men, that he is the natural ally of the alpha, inspired me to write Taboo You. Throughout history and my life I have seen and experienced this thousands of times. Like Doc Holiday to Wyatt Erp, Johnny Ringo to Ike Clanton, Simon Kenton to Daniel Boone, Crazy Horse to Sitting Bull, Liver-Eater Johnson to General Miles, Lewis Wetzel to Wheeling Station, Almost Every Boxing Cornerman to almost every Champion and every frontier scout to every frontier general, from Merlyn to Arthur, down to Little Heathen Me networking with and assisting Big Christian Men across the country, The Omega Outsider provides the crucial perspective and angle of assistance most valued by the Alpha Insider who swims in a sea of Beta Bots he cannot identify with as anything more than a tool of flesh and delusion. The man who aspires and rules can use the outsider view to triangulate for success.
This was what I sought to offer in Taboo You, a way by which the man who cannot kneel but who declines to rule, might make himself of use to the occupants of the hierarchy and in that way experience flashes of goodness within that sphere of dominance and submission that is an earthly Hell to one of his ken.
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