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Surgery as a Transhumanism Portal
Lynn and James Discuss a Centerpiece of American Occultism: 12/18/2022
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“I had two aunts die of breast cancer, at least in part because they didn’t want surgery. Yesterday I listened to the chapter of Steve Job’s biography that told of his cancer diagnosis, and learned that he, too, probably died because of his aversion to surgery. Is this some kind of atavistic fear or an important type of autonomy? It stands in stark contrast to the seemingly more common cases of people eager or even addicted to plastic surgery.”
-Lynn Lockhart
Lynn I recently wrote Seeker Cain, about a driven, willful English sea captain on an undeterred quest, who is so enthralled by his sworn task, to find the coven of remote viewers who are descended from the survivors of sunken Lemuria, that he becomes the literal, physical puppet of one of his foes. I do not think readers will like it. But it is an allegory on our times.
Agnes was our favorite stripper on North Point in the 1990s. When Big Rich and I got to talking about boxing, she would get upset and hold onto the pole and fall back, slamming her ass into the bar and knocking our beers over as punishment for not paying attention to her giration. She befriended us and liked to sit with us because we were not trying to have sex with her and she wanted to be a nurse. She was so pretty she did not have to change her name and danced under Agnes. When she graduated from nursing school the bar she worked at threw a party for her. Once, after I complimented her for not having artificial breasts, she corrected me. She then put my hands under her top and had me inspect and I said that they felt real, in fact, felt remarkably like one particular girl I knew. She explained that she had spent four times the money and had implants designed to fit her figure with a natural shape. She then pulled one stupendous breast out and showed me underneath and there was no scar.
What she said then almost made me puke, “I had my nipples peeled back. If you look closely you will see some irregularities in the areola. That killed my chance for breast feeding and makes titty sex no fun. But its getting me through nursing school debt free and I already have a daughter.”
This woman has always stood out in my mind as a willful soul who was so much so that she chose a passive sacrifice of part of her own humanity to achieve her goal. She confided that she had had C cups, “great tits” by her estimation. But she wanted to make the lionesses share of dance money without having to fuck clients, to be the star. She thence designed the perfect set of breasts that occupied that alluring margin on the very edge of the probable.
Medical Dramas, since I have been a little boy, are the second most popular type of TV show, behind law enforcement dramas. Interestingly, recent series have been combining them and having cross over casts, mixing medicine, fire and police. These types of dramas serve a social conditioning role second only to the vaginal authority theme of classic Western Movies that demands that the violent Aryаn hero ride into the sunset after his deeds are done.
There are zero medical drama movies, yet they dominate TV. Law enforcement movies are rare and focus on corrupt police establishments, where TV shows focus on justice well served. Thus, the heavily law conditioned American media mind, was shocked with the defund the police federal Op in 2020-21 at the very same time that the existential threat upon America became medical with the introduced lab disease and the shamdemic. This points the way to medical based law enforcement that I explored in Beyond Rainbow Bridge. I doubt if readers, all readers being outside the mainstream media culture, realize how important TV programming is to the mainstream mind.
The themes of the novels Cube and Organa focus on a more fully developed medicalized transhuman world that is corporate rather than governmental. Just as merchants and bankers for ages pulled the strings of power behind the throne of the sovereign, the nation state has likewise been enthralled to these interests. I suspect, that as in the movie Rollerball, which Cube is partially inspired by, that the future Transhuman order will be corporate rather than governmental. I suspect that transhumanist values, to include creative, voluntary submissive surgery as a central value, will favor a corporate structure over a political form. Agnes, and the various Korean cocktail waitresses and hookers on the West Coast, who are apex examples of the plastic surgeon’s art, are expressions of the Christ impulse to sacrifice passively but willfully on behalf of others, being inverted for the purpose of economic self gain and social acceptance, which, in a social credit society must become one in the same.
A Nation State, created for the gain of cryptic money interests, operates according to the outrageous fiction that it serves the majority interests of its subjects. Social media technology potentially places the individual extracted from that mass in direct concord with the money power behind the throne. A social credit system would thence favor a corporate system where the executive communicates directly with the person, as God did with Abraham and Moses, and the chief executive did with the lead player in Rollerball. The ultimate expression of the utopian politics that have gotten us here, is a post political corporate system of control.
For, when heaven has been achieved on earth—which seems to be the joint goal of most human, even Christians—the promise of eternity granted to the faithful with God, would best be realized by the managing executive of the company that marketed our particular medical implant, stepping up to our bedside and lauding us for being the experiment that got humanity one step closer to eternity.
This was the central theme of The Sunset Saga realized in the novels Den of the Ender, God’s Picture Maker and Seven Moons Deep. I explored it most keenly and weirdly in the novel Beyond the Pale.
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