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Eastern Woodlands History
Clark Savage, Author of The King of All Things, Wants a Reading List: 11/9/2022
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This was a brief email and my eye was sizzling so answered briefly:
White Devil, author forgotten
A Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh, by Allen Bert Eckhert
Those are my two favorite secondary historical sources:
Other standout secondary sources are:
-1. Muzzleloader Magazine—get a subscription, I would if I could still read. I gave my issues away. The Youtube Channel Inthesegoingsdown does muzzleloader reviews. One of the best finds in this magazine was a hand written letter from a Cherokee chief to a gunsmith ordering a custom made rifle. Muzzleloader might as well be titled White Indian Archive. Get it before it gets got by the mind control natsys.
-2. Danial Boone, a 1992 biography by an un-recalled author
-3. Chronicles of the Indian Wars, an encyclopedia, 1970s
-4. Time Life Books the Frontiersmen
-5. Arlington Mallory, PreColumbian America, 1950s
-6. The Deadliest Men by Paul Kirchner
-7. The Beaver Men by Mari Sandoz
-8. Pontiac’s Rebellion and Little Turtle’s War
-9. A Battle from the Start, by Brian Steel Wills
-10. A book of recent date describing how Benedict Arnold was betrayed by the U.S. and was the actual tragic hero of this nation’s foundational war. Betrayal or betrayed is in the title and a high quality 2 hour documentary was made based on it, with actual actors.
-11. Osprey military unit histories are the straightest and least corrupt historical sources for the black powder period, with at least a dozen titles focusing on the Eastern Woodlands warrior and soldier types.
-12. Various encyclopedias of native American tribes are available. Their quality plummets off the woke cliff in the 1990s. The older the title, the more respect is shown to the Indian warriors and chiefs and their sometimes foes and sometimes allies, sometimes tribal brothers, the men of “The Front Tier” the frontiersmen, of American civilization.
-13. The best find would be if anyone has done a biography of “Dirty” Simon Girty and also of Simon Kenton and Lewis Wetzel. These were the three towering booger men of the Old Northwest.
Girty rode his horse off of a pier, shaking his fist at American soldier scum as he swam his steed to Canada!
Wetzel was even feared by tribal warriors after he died of respiratory failure. No American has ever been more hated by the American judiciary or political elites.
Kenton and Boone were ultimately defrauded and impoverished by the nation they helped build and fought for and only Nathan Bedford Forest was as feared by his enemies as Wetzel was. I used Wetzel in my horror novel Ire and Ice.
Simon Kenton not only survived and thrived running the Shawnee gauntlet to become a tribe member, but escaped and persisted as an enemy. On one occasion he actually used Daniel Boone as a weapon, throwing the wounded man at a warrior who was blocking their escape path back into a besieged fort.
-James Fenimore Cooper, Leather stocking tales
-Zane Gray, two novels concerning Lewis Wetzel
-James Alexander Thom, Son of First Man [about the Prince Madoc theory of Welsh Mandans], Long Knife about George Rogers Clark and a mass market paper back with green cover about a true story of a Virginia woman’s abduction and return. The title might be Follow the River and is the best of the three.
-Louis L’Amour, To the Far Blue Mountains, the Fergussan Rifle, Briowne and Fair Blows the Wind
Plantation America Books
-1. Advent America, in print
-2. Search For an American Spartacus, unpublished
-3. In These Goings Down, unpublished
-4. Plantation America, unpublished
-5. Cox & Swain, in editing process
Primary Sources focusing on Warriors and Frontiersmen
-1. Messach Browning, oral autobiography 1859
-2. Black Hawk, oral autobiography circa 1830
-3. Increase Mather, Indian Warr, my favorite, having read it 9 times
-4. Jesuit Revelations, a massive archive of all letters sent back to France by the Jesuits of New France
-5. Merryweather Lewis, archives
-6. Susanna Willard Johnson and Mary Rawlinson, female tribal abduction memoirs from 1676 and the 1740s
-7. The Curious Adventures of Peter Williamson, which is fully related and annotated in Stillbirth of a Nation, the first Plantation America book.
-8. Book of Record, by Samuel Wiseman, 1678
Clark, I hope this is of some use to your historical research.
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