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We, Jonah
Visions of America: Texas, Denver, Baltimore City, Baltimore County: 10/16/2022
© 2023 James LaFond
In a phone call to a coastal friend visiting family in Texas, I found out that his brother-in-law is working on a committee to insure election integrity. This simple job of checking voter I.D. and making sure each person only votes once, has made this normalized person into a violence target. He has been threatened. No other report would have made sense to me. But, the man is shocked.
The most common reaction is going to be to worry that a civil war might erupt. But American traditionalists lost the Civil War of 2020 and took a knee. This is not Civil War, but Reconstruction. This is not the French revolution, but the Reign of Terror that followed.
Yesterday Megan called from Baltimore County:
“Hey, Baby. I have two bad teeth. I cant afford the root canals so will have to get them pulled. I’m a white bitch, so my insurance doesn’t cover it. If I was a Negro I’d be set. The pretty young black girl I work with has two babies with no fathers. She has free rent, free phone, free food, free braces—they put this bitch in braces—and she dresses like a hooker at work, with her big chocolate titties popping out of her top. She does not have to follow the dress code, even walks into the service center in her fuzzy slippers.
“She’s as nice as can be and we get along fine. The men—customers—line up in front of her desk and she dates them. Three of them are now her sugar daddies, they come in and bring money. The girl wants for nothing. Braces? Who would have thought you could get free braces for getting knocked up by some random nig?”
“I was leaving the liquor store the other day in a hurry. Georgia reminds me that your forbade me to go there after dark. When it gets dark in the winter, she said she’ll drive me out in the country. Well, I left my wallet and some black woman brought it to me, handed it so me. Of course there was no money in it. She said a man had it before her. Two hundred dollars, almost my whole pay check gone. Oh well, that will serve me right not to hurry.”
Nero the Pict told me over the phone that he went to visit a friend in Baltimore City, in Hampden, a stay behind white trash guy like us who is in bad health:
“It was depressing. He’s not well, couldn’t even get up to shake my hand. It’s looking like he’s going to die in that chair. I told his wife that I stop by and make some repairs. The area is almost totally gentrified and you have black guys dealing heroin out the back doors of houses in the alley. At the same time, you have these hipsters literally, on their knees praying to black people on the side walk in front of the house? These white people that moved in and are jacking up the housing values so that Earl’s taxes are going to go up, are actually engaging in worship of black people, actually kneeling and begging forgiveness.
“Betty was going off, maybe because she could vent to me, “Toy want to see white privilege? You rich white bitch, you ought to come up here and see how much white privilege is here?”
“It’s just insane, that these people move in and worship the drug dealers like they are living gods.
“Eddy and I went down the Mount Royale Tavern and you can see the city is fucked, people firing dope on the sidewalk, groups of young black guys in hoodies and face masks outside during the day hunting. I was driving along that service road where I-83 ends, at Reservoir Hill and a squad of these guys are hunting white people. They are so used to it they just walk out in front of the car, just knowing that the white people are going to stop so they can be dragged out.
“Well, there was this wonderful moment when he looked up, and looked into my eyes, and knew even before he realized that I was running his ass over, that this was the wrong white dude! I bounced off, somehow avoiding getting hit, and was not even pissed, just acted like a lion that started to chase a gazelle and realized that it was a rhino and just went along to look for the next item on the menu.”
Brody, was in Denver, Colorado in that wonderful neighborhood I stayed with Zeer earlier this year. He and Nate were buying a motorcycle and picking it up off of Cofax, U.S. Route 40. It was dark and they were tired driving all the way from Northwest Utah, so they rented a motel room nearby...
“The most disturbing thing was that all of the doors to the rooms were open. People were coming and going. It was just a place where people sold drugs. Neither one of us would be getting any sleep. We should have drove. Nate sits down on the bed an I turn to close the door and there is a pitbull just walking into our room? Just calm as can be, this big pit bull moseys right in and Nate—who is one of those guys that counts o shooting his way out of trouble—unlimbers his .45 auto and places it under the pillow, still in his hand.
“...and in walks this big tattooed Mexican, just walks into the room and says, ‘Oh, you met Princess!’
“Doe she retrieve the dog? No! He sits down on the bed and starts talking to us. I will never, ever, stay in a cheap hotel again. I earned my lesson. I’m shocked that the motorcycles was still there in the morning. But Nate, he’s tight ass can be and paid for the room, he just said, ‘Oh, if someone tries to take it, I’ll just shoot ‘em.’
“I’ll stick to Utah, thank you very much. Be safe in your travels, James, and we hope to see you next year.”
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