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Joe Gleason
Can #3
© 2023 James LaFond
The subject is a balding white man, wearing wire frame glasses and a tweed sweater, from which he picks cat hair in a self conscious rite he seems unaware of before the camera. He is pot-bellied, perhaps sixty years of age, wearing black slacks and worn canvas sneakers. On his lap is a copy of the Gideon’s Bible. His eyes blink often and in long shutters as he finishes a declarative statement. When surmising, he closes his eyes and creases his forehead as his right hand, ever atop the Bible, spreads and balls in a languid fidget. His voice has a pinched quality.
“Joe Gleason, Reading Pennsylvania, Crypto-Theology Researcher, author of The Watchers.”
“Yes, yes, I went to Wilmington Delaware in 2010 to interview survivors of the Move Massacre, a crime committed by Mayor Rizo and his henchmen against the faith-based commune of which John Africa was the patriarch until his murder in 1983. As predicted in The Psalms, and by Jesus in reference to a return of the antedeluvian conditions faced by Noah before the coming of the Antichrist, I suspect the crimes of Rizo, of the FBI against Gordon Khal, and at Ruby Ridge and Waco, are symptomatic of a return of The Giants.
“Giants?” asks the interviewer.
“Yes, yes. In the biblical sense, giants are not necessarily huge physical specimens, but beings of might, hybrids between wicked angels, what we might call demons… Chem trails are one aspect of this descent of darkness. God constructed the rainbow to prevent the creatures of darkness, depicted by Homer, Aechylus—obliqually by Plato in his account of Atlantis—from penetrating back into the world of man…”
[The subject stops speaking and listens to a muffled question, then blinks both eyes and continues, grasping his Bible tightly.]
“Yes, yes, the man known as Can, I spoke with him while he was in his late 20s, back in 2010. I had arranged an interview with his mother and became most impressed with her son recollecting much more of the life and death of John Africa then his mother.”
[The man pauses to listen to a question, eyes asquint.]
“Yes, yes, his mother would have been 18 months by one account, 26 months by another at the time of that great trauma. I suspected immediately that an unnamed federal agency had used the little girl’s time in medical custody to conduct remote impregnation experiments. If one reads the full book of Enoch as preserved in the Coptic Bible and references Genesis and Revelations in that context, it is quite obvious that the Nephalim are still with us and obsessed with seeding our women. It is, I suspect, a condition of the African genome that renders visionaries such as John Africa, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and to include Can, resistant to what traditional Christians might describe as demonic possession. It also makes people of African descent prime study subjects for Deep State medical, cloning and remote programming experiments, as a kind of control group. For instance, the U.S.G. use of chem trails to effect the rainbow, the light frequencies that God placed as a protection against…”
[The man, listens to a muffled question, squints both eyes, begins to sweat and continues.]
“Yes, yes, Can, the name that the young fellow addressed himself by as he took over the interview of his mother and provided quite cogent answers to rather difficult questions of recollection, told me, said to me, ‘Sir, I am John Africa. I am a Son of Ham, a vagabond in the earth, I inhabit this body because, I CAN.’
“That is a direct quote that I will never forget from a most self-assured young man, who had not read the Bible, in fact could not read, yet spoke as if out of the Bible. Now, if we reference Enoch in the light of the statements given to this author in 2012 by a man that has gone on record as Mister Langly, a retired U.S. Airforce general then employed as an Agency contractor, the proliferation of chem trails in the past twenty years are a direct attack upon God…”
[The man squints both eyes and listens to a muffled question.]
“Yes, yes, of course. I continued my association with Can, who was so-named for his Jamaican heritage and also the condition his adopted Jamaican mother found him in a Camden trashcan, actually a dumpster…”
[The man’s eyes blink open as he listens intently.]
“Yes, yes, it is not necessary for the transmigrant soul to maintain a genetic link. It is my theory that Baby Can called out from that dumpster, where he was most probably deposited by a standard African American, as an echo of that West Indian will, and sought succor from a childless mother who was very probably a child of John Africa, who I believe is now alive in the form of Can and implementing God’s will among us. That dumpster was a manger, that security guard’s flashlight a guiding star. In this light, the U.S.G. proliferation of chem trails…”
[The subject stops, squints both eyes and listens to a muffled prompt.]
“Yes, yes, I suspect that Can is ultimately, John the Baptist, paving the way for the return of The Christ. According to Mister Langly, on the subject of U.S.G. chem trails…”
[The man squints, listens to a muffled prompt, and resumes speaking.]
“Yes, yes, the last time I spoke with Can was by phone. He was calling from a landline in Maryland and was in trouble, being pursued by government agents. The call ended abruptly. So I hired a sedan from Reading, down to Middle River, Maryland which was the location of the last operating pay phone in that state, under the eves of a grocery store roof. The exact date was Monday night, December 11th, 2017. I was unable to aid, Can, who has kept me apprised of his good health through third parties. I also understand that he has been in Wilmington on a few occasions, but was not apprised in real time for security reasons.”
[The man listens intently to a muffled prompt with eyes wide open.]
“Yes, yes, Can was put off by my connections to Mister Langly, which, assuming that my theory that Can is John the Baptist, and would see a minion of Herod in the form of such government agents, suggests that U.S.G. investments in chem trails are clear evidence of a Satanic plot…”
[The man squints painfully as he clutches his Bible and listens to a muffled prompt.]
“Yes, yes. I have been in contact—rather been contacted by—three witnesses to what I am calling, in my next book, The Second Baptism. Russel Drinks was a close associate of Can. Mother and Bendy have been in contact with me. There is also a woman in Saint Louis. I can give you their contact information off camera, as this represents a Christian trust in the glare of the Satanic Over Eye. Do keep in mind that various charges that Can is a drug user, a criminal, that these are all slanders. Most egregiously, one White Nationalist publication asserted that Can is an FBI informant who posed as George Floyd in Minneapolis in April 2020, and also shot a female protester during the January 6th insurrection of 2021. To whatever extent that Can might have been driven by circumstances to use chemical stimulation in service to others is merely a reflection of his innate heroism, his willingness to battle Morpheus on his own grounds…”
[The man listens wide-eyed to a prompt.]
“Yes, yes, there are many gods, indicated in gospel and extensively in scripture: Genesis and Exodus offer dozens of attestations, most conclusively when God says, “I am a jealous god” to Moses, placing himself among other suprahuman powers. Keeping in mind that an angel of God communicated with Moses through a burning bush that was not consumed by the fire, the continued devotion of U.S.G. assets to chem trail pollution…”
[The man squints in obvious pain as he listens to the moderator:]
“Mister Gleason, thank you so much for your time. Would you like to promote your book?”
The pain washes away from the soft round face as the subject’s blue eyes open wide and his hands pry open the Bible on his lap, which turns out to be hollow. From this hollow Bible the subject draws out a small, blue, cloth-bound book printed in white:
The Watchers:
Joe Gleason Reports
The subject smiles uneasily and once again begins to sweat.
Bendy Carwash
Russel Drinks
the sunset saga complete
the gods of boxing
by the wine dark sea
logic of steel
let the world fend for itself
the year the world took the z-pill
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