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Timeship Z
Timejacker #9A
© 2023 James LaFond
Part Two: Dark Times: America, 2615
Forty men crowded the conference room, officers seated at the table, men lining the walls, Major Bracken and Colonel Alaric at the head of the room before a map of North America.
Alaric, the man with an icy horizon for eyes, stood cool and confident before the map, holding a pointer stick:
“Men, warriors, we now hover above the clouds above the Great Lakes of North America. These lakes are now iced over. Their are remnant hunting and herding Asiatic, and Caucasian populations in what used to be Canada and Alaska, here, in this green zone, outside of our field of operations, to include the Pacific Northwest, which is now entirely Asiatic.
“It is the year 2615. The technology level varies from paleolithic to the tech level of this ship.”
He then pointed with a steady hand at Mexico and the American Southwest, to include Texas, and the southern half of California:
“This bronze zone, here, is Hispanic and enjoys a technology level which would be familiar to most of you men, essentially mid 19th century level firearms. The northern reaches are uninhabitable due to desertification and the draining of ground water for irrigation, and most importantly, the wholesale elimination of the white race due to mosquito born form of Black Bile Fever developed by Middle Eastern Scientists to wipe out the Nordic and Alpine strains of the Caucasian racial diaspora. You men have received vаccination against this weaponized disease provided through our water system.”
Alaric then pointed at the United States east of the Mississippi, with the exception of north western Illinois. This area was colored red:
“This is the Caliphate. Automated systems for power generation, machines running machines, maintain heating and lighting and more importantly, prevent these power sources—called Nuclear—from melting down and wiping out life as we know it provide a potential power source. The architects of the Black Death have prevented the malfunction of these nuclear powers systems where they could not be shut down. The Asiatics of the Pacific Northwest maintain such systems manually. However, poor infrastructure and military equipment maintenance has reduced this zone to an effective 18th century technology level, with black powder weapons, crude steam power, archery, swords and pole arms making this a difficult area of operations for a force of this small size. Conquest of The Caliphate, is a goal, but is one for another mission and a larger force.”
Alaric then pointed to a black zone that spanned the Great Plains, The Rockies, the Great Basin and had as its eastern extremity Northern Illinois and at its western, the San Francisco Bay area:
“This is our area of operations. Major Bracken will be second in command on each op. The leaders of our five parties will command each an operation. We are few. Every one of us must be able and willing to take command as we take casualties. There will be five operations, striking major African power centers and seeking to salvage the few whites that have been captured from feral mountain populations above the mosquito line for the breed of insect that caries Black Bile Plague, which is 7,000 feet. Each officer here, from our five landing parties, will volunteer to Command as a Colonel, with Major Bracken as your second, for one operation. I leave the rest of the briefing to The Major.”
Major Bracken took the pointer:
“Chicongo, has a small negro population of a half million centered around an indoor basketball stadium as a cult center.”
Jesse James raised his hand, “What in hell is basketball?”
Bracken grinned, “Tall men bounce a rubber ball and stuff it into a netted hoop, the second most important religious ritual of early 21st Century America. The ruler of this failing nation is traditionally named Care Jordan and resides in what is left of a large domed building and is said to have an operational assault rifle. Long guns will be preferred for this op. Military weapons are machetes made of scrap metal and a variety of clubs, including aluminum—light metal—bats. We will always kill as many as possible, but with a focus on leadership, with the aim towards social collapse. Every African state is a dictatorship with a brittle social substructure dominated by sex, drugs and alcohol. Cut off each head of these five black snakes and it is hoped that a further fall in social cohesion will collapse the remaining technology and return the zone to natural forces. Think of our mission as eradicating an invasive species, like eliminating cats or wolves.”
Jesse James said, “We will take lead on that, Major.”
Thank you, “Commander James.”
The Major continued, “Saint Louis Kraal is ruled by a self styled Zulu King commanding some ten thousand warriors. They are armed with short thrusting spears, the only weapon other than a shield of cow hide and a light hickory club.”
Captain Tom Red Stick raised his hand and nodded.
“Thank you, Chief, this will be the highest body count and there will be much honor to win.”
The Major then pointed to Denver and Crazy Horse barked, “Once part of the Dog Soldier range. We will lead.”
“Thank you, Chief, smiled Bracken. This place has been named Denversity Afrika and is ruled by a self-styled Pharaoh who claims to be building a ship not unlike this, called the Mothership, to take his people back to the Dog Star, where he claims Negroes come from. If his nefarious design were possible, we would have built it and shipped them all back.”
There was much chuckling, especially among the Indians.
“He is reported to have a medically sealed area for white slave girls who are brought to him for his pleasure and for the breeding of mixed race women to satisfy the lusts of his chiefs. This will be primarily a rescue operation and secondarily an assassination of Pharaoh True, which is the unfortunate moniker of this particular HNC.”
“White women, amen!” noted Billy Stiles.
Bracken then pointed to the other side of the Rockies, “Salt Lake Citay Yotaw is also known as Broasis. The Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints is still intact though entirely black. Military weapons are modern assault rifles that have long since failed to work and have been sharpened at the muzzle and clubbed at the stock. There are some rifle armed deacons.
“There is reportedly a functional population of whites living above 7,000 feet in Northwestern Utah, where we may be able to source ammunition and reinforcements. Mission object focuses on liberating white slaves and exchanging them for aid from the mountain population. The Black Mormons have brought back polygamy and employ Hispanic mercenaries as slave catchers. Their will be guns, spic guns, so this is expected to be delicate.”
Big Jim Bowie raised his hand, “I am fluent in Spanish and have much experience with Mexican politics. I owe the Mexicans a poke in the eye.”
“Thank you, Commander Bowie.”
Bracken then looked at Blunt Bill Price, fistic foreman of the five oilfield roughnecks, who earned his place in a round robin bare knuckle affray in which he decked every other hand in their turn, “Commander Price, the largest remaining American cult center in this year 2615 is the San Francisco 49ers Football Stadium at Great America here, south of the Bay. Football was once the predominant American religion to replace Christianity. As you know it is a militaristic game of head-to-head battle. So a society built on football can be expected to have a high level of warrior courage and feature short-sighted leadership.
“A feral savage, styled King Kong of New Kongo Great America, maintains the lighting and plumbing of this facility by paying Asian engineers and mechanics. When America ruled the world it let women join the military and fight in combat. But when football ruled America, women were not permitted to play. We can use the primitive idea of “the win” against King Kong.
“A terrible earthquake left San Francisco in total ruin and the Asiatics from the Pacific Northwest use it as a salvage yard to keep their civilization going. This King Kong—one of hundreds who come and go quicker than Roman emperors—is obsessed with blond women and spends most of his gross domestic product on raiding the Sierra Nevada Range for mixed race women and then bleaching their hair. This is a shit show and we need your boys, and ten selected German crew, to bring down this house on Kong’s nappy head.”
“Got it, Major,” rumbled Price.
Bracken then addressed the wider group.
“We have selected .45 APC as our Gro-stopping round and use it in the 1911 handgun and the Thompson submachine gun. We only have 50,000 rounds and five million Negroes—so shoot the smart ones in the head. That is the basic job. We do have a thousand rounds of 308 to accommodate the lever action rifles some of you brought aboard. Bring your black powder weapons and other side arms as you wish and expend the ammo. The 308 rounds must be dedicated to firearms-bearing enemy and leadership.”
Major Bracken then looked at the men and asked, “Any questions before we get into planning specifics?”
Cole Younger spoke for them all, “We left women behind. Can we keep any, if they are amenable?”
Bracken looked at Alaric who nodded, ‘Yes’ and qualified it, “This is a lighter than air ship and we must keep it that way. So no fat women.”
Laughter rocked the cabin and Cole Younger yelled, “You really are the rascal that plundered Rome?”
Alaric grinned and declared, “And this is the gang that shall rob the Bank of Ages!”
“Whiskey!” shouted numerous men as they beat the walls and tables with fists and stamped the floor with their feet.
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