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‘Unparalled Fagotry’
The Editorial Angel of the Bored Admits to A Strong Case of Mysandry: 2/7/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Last night I had an editorial call with the Lady from Bookland when she went on an uncharacteristic rant:
“James, sorry, I had to call you. I am waiting at volleyball practice with my daughters and I was bored, so thought I would try listening to a podcast from an oral history project. This is a buddy of Steve Rinella, the meat hunter guy.”
“Oh, he is not quite as gay as Rogan, but he is definitely way more gay than Rinella, and you know that’s gay, right. I have to admit to developing a case of Mysandry lately. It was such a relief to do a podcast with Clark Savage and actually encounter a man who was not afraid to show us his face.
“So, this guy does interviews, mostly with hunters, about their lives. Its a very interesting oral history project. I stopped listening to him after he interviewed a property owner on the Mexican border, who had constant encounters with law enforcement and cartel people. There was recounted an event in which this law officer was treating this man’s property as if it were his own, and this man beat him up, actually defeated this cop in combat. Then, the faɡɡotry was unparalled, nothing but disclaimer after disclaimer about how we do not support violence against law enforcement, all of this back the blue boot licking, just listening to this coward on his knees smacking his lips on law enforcement shoe leather. I could not stomach it and stopped listening.
“Well, I saw these really compelling series of interviews about these famous turkey poachers, these good ole boys that were really like Robin Hood and Little John. They would settle disagreement with fists—and of course this was decried as barbaric by the podcaster. They never wasted meat, fed bones to dogs, fed neighbors, paid the bills of people that were down and out, were real pillars of a community that did not see law enforcement as angels, but as oppressors.
“So this faɡɡot, helps with a Fish & Game sting, trying to get these guys who have done nothing but good for their community, who have not wiped out the local game and practice responsible if illegal land use. Despite his aid, someone inside of Fish & Game warns the poachers and they do not fall for the trap—and here we go, disclaimer after disclaimer about how law Enforcement is all good and criminals are all bad.”
Lynn, I say, this man should be dropped off naked in West Baltimore with a gold Mastercard and a bag of pork rinds.
“So, what I wanted your input on, and I think this is worth losing some readers over. In fact, at this point, driving away readers is probably the only intellectually honest writing strategy you can adopt in the face of this full spectrum boot licking and American Occultism. The interviewer pulls out this idiot professor, who explains that all of this class envy, of poor rural people not going along with all of the laws that favor the leisure class over the working class, stems from Marxism, and that even though Marxism has been proven through the failure of communism to be all wrong, that working class Americans cannot let go of Marxist ideology.
“My instinct is that medieval serfs in England did not think that hunting bans for them and exclusive hunting rights for the rich were a good thing, that they probably saw the enforcers of the law as bad and poachers as folk heroes, a chance to eat something other than grain. We really have an unprecedented system of wildlife conservation, and I think most of us value it because it works, not because we worship law enforcement. More importantly, why is the American mind so utterly incapable of seeing reality and so wedded to these canned ideologies?”
Lynn, because America is a tranny nation, and because Americans are fully cultic. What I mean by this, is that due to American society being based primarily on fiction constructs as depicted in movies and in TV series, that the vast majority of Americans are only capable of seeing a Good Guy-Bad Guy polarity and picking which outrageous lie they will champion as the truth. Marxism, capitalism, fascism, democracy, feminism, these isms, you name it, all of those belief systems keep the mind locked into a strict bipolar orientation, a yin-yang ideology. This is also reflected in the twisting of Christianity in modern times into a kind of Zoroasterism, a strict duality, under pressure from the Enlightenment.
This is coupled with the following things that power the flux of strict polarity along two opposite notions of good and evil:
-1. American history is a great lie committed mostly by factual omission and semantic corruption, that admitted not 15 views of the [1] founding of this nation, but only 2: Urban Merchant Boston and Rural Aristocratic Virginia, denying Americans over 90% of their heritage.
-2. America is a cult of secular worship, with such grand idolatry at its core [Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Mount Rushmore, etc.] that worship of these icons or of their opposites must occur. [2]
-3. The American mind is not taught to think, but to follow, reflected in social media terminology and cultivated primarily through movies and TV, or fiction. The Law Enforcement movie generally makes the criminal the tragic hero, while all TV makes the cop the hero, giving space for the American culture and counter culture, to rotate along the polarity, the spectrum of only two facets. The narratively conditioned mind deals with observations of reality by reshaping observable reality into a form that will minimize the friction between the internal fantasies implanted in that mind and the necessarily troubling collision with external reality. The narrative mind is truth blind.
-4. Advertising is built on these narrative conditioning devices.
-5. News of all media types are strictly erected upon these narrative conditions.
The result of the above, is that the American mind always looks through the facts, like a teenage boy trying to imagine what lush curves are hidden beneath a woman’s clothes, in search of belief. That belief that the American mind searches for is a definition of the individual as GOOD in his own mind, by way of observing the definition of BAD placed before him, and aligning his moral compass with the opposite of that evil. Hence, in the American mind, two nations may not go to war, each for their own goals. Rather, one devil nation inflicts war unjustly upon an angelic, martyr nation.
Above, is the only way that the America mind can function without sustaining a psychic breakdown. Understand, that even among people who regard themselves as critical thinkers and objective observers, that less than 1 in 1000 Americans are capable of perceiving reality, for they have been cultivated as emotional vectors for advertising and lie imbibing.
What an American is—and this is true of most modern humans, so I should define the American as the most perfect expression of the modern person—is a CONSUMER, an EATER, that is compelled to hoard, eat, imbibe, believe and disbelieve based solely upon emotional cues that trigger the EATER’s socially implanted narrative sense, to follow. As a writer, the many agents who solicit me and the platforms I use, never describe my readers as readers, but as “followers.”
The Modern Mind is as far removed from the mind of the Ancient to Early Modern unfree peasant, serf, soldier, slave, orphan, servant, or free runaway, rogue, vagabond, pirate, barbarian tribesman that constituted 90% of humanity for 99% of history, as a lap dog is from a timber wolf.
We are not the same creature that God set upon this earth, but rather a collection of satanically remodeled flesh bots swarming upon the earth. Among these teaming, eating, slurping, herds of law and packs of disorder are a handful of rational minds. The most astute rationally evil minds program the hordes of eaters. The remainder of the rational minds, good, bad and unaligned, make our way as best we can before we too are fed into the maw of the machine.
-1. Someone is thinking that I miscounted the 13 colonies. Actually, history did, and I here under count, considering only The Free State of Franklin and the Northwest Territory.
-2. I will cover this in ‘Sacred Rites’ a review of David Horowitz’s book Final Battle.
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