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‘Unkilling Civilization’
Lynn Lockhart Cues the Crackpot on a Woman’s Duty: Part 1 of 3: 2/15/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
“James, many of your readers, some of whom are active on twitter, who I do respectfully disagree with, hold that Civilization is doomed and that the primary culprit is feminism. Basically, the red pilled view is that every thing that feminists claim are the evils of the patriarchy were true, and were good. The 1950s white picket fence America is forever cited as an example that if men do not have to fight wars that women who agree to be married to annoying, shallow, substandard beta men may be mothers of a great civilization.
“I wonder what your take on this is. Is there a place for a single mother, a high functioning single mother, in the society we have now? I do know that the experience of womanhood cannot be complete without having children, without experiencing motherhood. But, given that the vast majority of men available to my daughters will be weak, low-earning beta-males, with few of them capable of, or even willing, to defend them or provide for them, why should I insist on marrying my daughters off to men who do not deserve them?
“Understanding, that as Spengler pointed out, that once the act of child bearing becomes an option, and ceases to be a naturally given act, then a Civilization is already dead, am I really supposed to subject my daughters to a life of misery married to an annoying, low-functioning sissy, as if I can commit the unkilling of civilization?”
“What about historical examples of single mothers? I’m not advocating the type of single motherhood we have. But in light of the fact that women are seen by both left wing homosexual men and right wing heterosexual men as nothing but breeding machines and most men are no longer willing or capable of providing for or defending wives and children—which as you have pointed out is the natural destination of the Police State—why shouldn’t a high functioning woman view a man as nothing but a sperm donor?”
Lynn, my opinion on the prosperity of 1946 to 1968, which ended in 22 years and spiraled into sterile sex, drugs and rock & roll, was a case of civilizational stomach cancer contracted by devouring the 70 million person European and Asian bone pile, that was WWII. During this period, beta males became the model man, and American men en masse, went from boxing and playing contact sports to watching sports and grilling on their patio.
Might all of the best men have been killed in WWII, leaving us with the sissies and slackers?
Muscle powered warfare favors the survival of the most able men. Industrial war dooms the most able to die at a higher rate than the least able. Between 1648 and 1861, war went from Eugenic to Dysgenic in terms of masculine cultivation. Between 1914 and 19 nearly every elite combat athlete in France died! Only luck and cowardice, not combat prowess—and certainly not courage—spares a man’s life in industrial mass warfare. I think the final stage of Western Civilization, after it ate itself in the two world wars, was that its masculine half turned away from the alpha and omega and became dedicated to the beta.
At the same time, the feminine half of civilization did what most women always do with beta males, turn on them. These men are supposed to die in wars, with a few of the lucky ones permitted to breed with low value women. This is reflected in universal female instincts to mate with “bad boys” and “rich men” that is with Omegas and Alphas, the outsider and the boss, the Big Dog and the Lone Wolf. Only the worst, most controlling bitches and witches like beta men because they are easily managed.
The institution of husband, to be “house-bound” is the real core of so-called Аrуаn Christian patriarchy, which is the holding hostage of the woman for the man’s good behavior when he is permitted to be away from home for military service and at the same time assuring that house bound man becomes womanly in outlook, favoring security over success, comfort over adventure, prosperity over hardship and risk. This system keeps the top dog on top and the beta males in the bitch house.
The highest functioning warrior societies housed men separately from women. The Greeks, who conquered the known world and invented most of the higher aspects of our civilization, had a separate wing of the house for women. The Spartans, the most feared of these men, were even more extreme, and only visited their wives.
The highest functioning warrior society in the stone age Americas was the Mohawk Nation, the “Man-eaters,” descended from Norse fathers and Indian women, whose men owned only their weapons and whose women owned everything else and took care of the domestic sphere as the men dominated the masculine sphere over a quarter of a continent for hundreds of years, even against higher tech and higher population invaders.
Society and civilization are not one in the same. Civilization is a corruption of tribal society into a slave society. All notions of honor and courage come from tribal society and have no civilized origin. It is the civilizing impulse that causes emasculation and re-orients a society towards the beta male, the man who would normally have no status but slave or expendable soldier.
The modern person, even the in-depth historical reader and social critic, can know nothing of this, as history, in the American view, begins in 1941. We are a nation with complete amnesia, a memory failure so deep that facts uncovered from the past cannot be absorbed into the ideological mud mind of the Murican Matrix.
My book, hated by most readers of this site, Barbarism versus Civilization, banned by Amazon in June 2018, ironically pissed off not only most of my readers, but a fraternity of sissy, phony, government barbarians: The Hells Angels motorcycle gang. These fаggots pretend to by barbarians but marry women who have government jobs and hide behind these bitches. In fact, when I did a piece on the gang, numerous Hells Angels wives launched a media battle against this book, even as the men threatened Stoker, who is the man who was nearly killed buying them cigarettes and made the mistake of telling me his story. One of these gang members even picked a fight with a friend of mine, who gave away 100 pounds to the giant biker, who when he lost begging for the wrist lock to be stopped, begging on his knees to his master, called his lawyer to sue my friend.
American fаggotry, beta maleness and sissy culture, is so full spectrum, and so heavily influenced by homosexual [1] thinkers on the right and the left that I will remove this discussion some hundreds and thousands of years in the past to look at high functioning single mothers in the context of resistance to government and the making of a warrior path.
I must say, that as a bitch whisperer, I have noted that some men need a bitch, and this man is often an alpha male, and that some men need a babe, and that this man is often an Omega male. One thing is for certain, a bitch who cannot get an Alpha or Omega will usually opt for a Beta, making him and her both miserable.
Babes can make do with a Beta male with a high level of tragic decency. But since the dominant social trend has by happenstance or design been calibrated to produce bitches at a 4 to 1 ratio to babes, and that this same social construct produces 8 beta males to every alpha and omega [2], that there is an extreme mating imbalance built into our system.
Ancient Bitches & Babes
That will be discussed in Part 2 are:
Each will be given a babe score and a bitch score, as they often do double duty. This is done from memory, so the names of most of these women will be absent. But unless you’re going to bed her a second time, why bother with a name?
-Thetis, Brisais and Penelope
-Spartan Mothers
-The Queen of Halicarnassus
-The Queen of Queens
-Lady of Snakes
-Julia, Her Sister and their Daughters
-Witch and Widow of the Iron Huns
Old Time Bitches and Babes
Discussed in Part 3
-Queen Eleanore
-Mother of the Mongols
-Queen Isabella
-Queen Elizabeth
-Shawnee: Grenadier Squaw and Tecumseh’s Mamma
-Dragging Canoe’s Wife
-Plains Indian Women: Lakota, Crow, Blackfeet, Shoshone
-Queen Victoria, Cuոt of Ages
-1. Greg Johnson of Counter Currents has described having a child on a woman as “throwing a spear into the future.” This reflects a purely homosexual, which is to say ideological and ultimately transhuman, perspective. Also note that the premier expert on masculinity today, a man with 100 times more readers on that subject than this writer, is an admitted homo.
-2. As an omega, I would be dishonest if I failed to point out that the fall in Alpha males as a ratio of total male population and the rise in the incidence of my own anti social type is a prime indicator of societal decline. Weirdo men should be 1 in 100, not 1 in ten and we should have 2 in 10 alpha males. I suspect the drop in alpha males is adaptive, with these men adopting pseudo feminine beta behaviors in order to navigate the current social credit and money systems.
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