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‘Good Foot in Heaven, Bad Foot in Hell’
Musings of a Crippled Writer Concerning Post-Modern Mesmerism: 8/10/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Lori, a physical therapist of 30 years, choked back tears as she told me, “You are strong, but you have a serious injury. We can’t have you do anymore work then you are doing until the spinal specialist examines you… In the mean time, when taking the stairs, remember this, ‘Good foot in heaven, bad foot in Hell.’ It’s easy to remember that way. Put the weight on the good foot.”
In the week since then, as I have crawled, shrimped, crab walked, crutched, used a walker, wall walked and counter crawled around the Brickmouse House, and out at my mother’s house whom I visited in Whitebreadistan, I had a prawn’s eye view of the world passing bye. The news is all positively delusional and has the same exact messages as the ball games, the TV dramas, the movies and the commercials.
Everything, that is EVERERYTHING, is presented counter to reality.
Worried about crime?
The News profiles dangerous white supremacists being brought to justice on hate crime charges. The news paints a picture of the last likely type of American violence, Ghost on Gawd, as the most likely.
Back to school shopping?
Well, the commercials depict the most common concerned parent, a black man shopping for his son.
Would you like to vacation on a ranch in your four-wheel drive vehicle?
Black cowboys will be there wrangling cattle.
Is there a threat to world peace?
No, it is not the nation that has 931military bases in other countries. It is the nation that is the largest exporter of fuel and grain to less well off nations, ruled by a cartoon dictator, who makes all military decisions based on how mean and cruel the result would be for enemy civilians.
The news broadcast to the people of Goodland, is full of images of tyrannical nations that are utterly evil threatening world peace.
This, the good foot bad foot heaven and hell metaphor, then synced with the image of the idiot American herd, residing in Goodland, a heaven on earth where all people aspire to live, in this sacred ECONOMIC ZONE, looking outward at EVIL and want. As Christianity has devolved into human ethics then the comfort of knowing that we are going to heaven and those others to hell, has shifted to visions of being in the good place and casting judgment upon those in the bad place. I came to appreciate this through media exposure over the week since Lori advised me.
The Postmodern mind has been conditioned to regard itself as occupying a good place or a bad place, never a neutral middle ground, but always either an earthly heaven or hell. Those who discern that they are in the Good place demand that those in bad places be forced to reconfigure their spaces into good places. Those who see themselves in a Bad place either agitate for upheaval and fuel the creation of useful unrest, or commit suicide or delve into drug addiction and lesser distractions.
And all of these people are forever surprised at the next big event, for a moment. Then they get on board with the newly and instantly crafted world view and see the world delusionaly anew. For instance, the tyrant nations that now afflict world peace, were the nations allied in war in my grandparent’s time, against the then evil nations of the world. And those once evil nations, occupied by many Good military bases are now good nations allied against the evil nations who were once good…
In all the world, there is one good place, that has always been good and has fought exclusively against evil places, turning those nations into good places. That is what almost everybody around you, if you are Murican, believes.
That is insane, to think that one place is forever good and unchanging and that all other places that have been bombed and invaded by the good place and its force for good, alternate between evil and good.
How does a population believe such shit?
Looking around in Baltimore, for instance, I have ever only known two people who can see actuality, who can see reality without being hoodwinked by the delusional cacaphony:
Big Ron and The Operator.
Ron sees himself as neutral and The Operator sees himself as bad.
These two men have always been able to see right through the bullshit. I don’t think they are any smarter than most of us. They have three things in common:
-1. Both have had numerous successful violent experiences.
-2. They don’t deal in should, but deal with is.
-3. They are not distracted.
I spent a weekend at my mothers house with four people, three family members and a visiting friend. These people were all confused about various things, agreeing either that Orange Man was Bad or Orange Man Good. They were all confused about their personal plights: how did I get here, why am I so forgetful?
These people who I know very well are perpetually distracted from reality either by problems that are unsolvable and have been implanted in their brain by media lies, or simply because they have been inducted into the cults of popularity and utility, belonging and things, enslaving them to TV commercials, ball teams, political beliefs, etc.
Materialism, or utility, having the best most recent gadget, serves as a great handle for inculcating falsehoods, such as most cowboys, combat soldiers, and truck drivers are black and most violent criminals are white.
However, popularity, seems an even more potent means of getting most of the people most of the time to turn and look at two lies offered up on the world stage and feel that they are the judges that shall decide what is true, having no clue that the only choices are false. I think popularity blinds most of humanity because it takes most people and narrows their collective and individual focus to the point where almost nobody looks away from the lies and asks, “What is no one interested in? What are we being compelled to look away from?”
That person has a chance of finding something that has not been promoted and distorted for profit and advantage by the lie mongers and may find real information pointing towards reality while the general herd gawks at the great delusion trying to divine which thread of that tapestry of lies is true.
Stretching in the dark, I received a phone call from my bright minded editor, who entertained me with some news of the world. We then discussed why it is that nearly all Lefties and Righties believe the same basic lies about the obvious reality we live in, a reality that is not obvious to those who imbibe the grand delusion from either side of the divide.
My short answer was advertising.
Her answer, which gave a context for mine, was that WWII was so expensive, that it cost so much valuable time and material to be spent on wiping out not enough working class Аrуаns to achieve hive stability, that the Plutocrats decided that war on human flesh and artifacts would only be a stage prop in the real war waged to control the human mind.
When I see the rediculous news that Doctor Evil is targeting, not tanks and soldiers with his missiles, but “blood banks” “hospitals” and “civilians,” it is clear that the phony war is the one where Eastern Europeans are actually getting killed, and the real war is on the TV and the Smartphone.
I have written in the past about a house for holding Eastern European slave girls guarded by a BPD cop, from 2017 until 2022. When the one beauty asked me in her thick accent for help escaping I played the coward and picked up my pace. Not being able to tell one Eastern European accent from another, I often wondered, are those Ukrainian girls or Russian?
Two months ago, when I walked by that house into town from the train and bus stations, with the ruck sack that unknown to me at the time had wrecked my lower back, I got my answer. The old lady was outside on the porch, having overseen the removal of the copious security signs, wire and fencing, with blinds actually open. The man cutting the grass next door under a white cowboy hat waved to me.
Those were obviously Russian bitches. If they had been Ukrainian, the house would still be in business.
There, I finally agree, Doctor Evil is a menace, his evil regime depriving Baltimore of our best looking whores.
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Maud'Dib     Apr 7, 2024

Quote from above

"That person has a chance of finding something that has not been promoted and distorted for profit and advantage by the lie mongers and may find real information pointing towards reality while the general herd gawks at the great delusion trying to divine which thread of that tapestry of lies is true."
Bones @FiveGunsWest     Apr 7, 2024

Fucking great stuff, James. I hope something good happens for you and the portal to another level opens up.
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