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Brian Jewell Has a Book Signing
My Sparring Partner and Fellow Harm City Refugee is Still Writing Out Loud
© 2023 James LaFond
Hi James,
I’m not sure how well this FB post will translate into an email, But I wanted to touch base and let you know what is going on with my writing. This Saturday on September 9, I will be at the bookstore Selkie Books of Rock Hall. I’ve copied and pasted the post below with all of the information. Hope all is well with you. While I do try to keep up with your writing, it can be a little difficult considering how prolific you are. But I will get there eventually.
Selkie Books of Rock Hall
Selkie Books is delighted to invite Gentle Readers to “An Afternoon With BRIAN WILLIAM JEWELL,” Martial Artist (a “Sifu”), Poet, Memoirist, and Author for a Reading, Signing, and Discussion on Saturday, September 9th, beginning at 1:00 p.m., in Undine’s Cottage.
The Author’s works include “The Wisdom of Wing Chun,” “Life Lessons Learned Through Sparring,“ “The Buttercup Test,” “As Winter Fades: Reflections in the Pond,” and “Meditations on Madness.”
Originally from Essex, MD, now residing with his wife, Jennifer, and family in Townsend, DE, Mr Jewell carried out his professional career as a Security Officer, Trainer, and Supervisor at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD.
Brian, a great Gentle Reader, himself, devotes his time now to writing poetry and books, as well as working as an Editor, Proofreader, Beta Reader, and Ghostwriter through several online platforms. The Author has published articles and poetry in ‘Inside Kung-Fu’, ‘East County Times’, ‘Action Martial Arts Magazine’, and ‘Poets Choice’.
Selkie knows you’ll enjoy engaging with this modern day “knight” and Poet!
All Selkie events are Free, Open, and “come with” complimentary refreshments. Reservations are not required for this event.
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Brian William Jewell     Sep 5, 2023

Thank you, James. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support in my writing adventure. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but the quote from my poem you used in your upcoming book seems to work perfectly for the piece. Thank you again.

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