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I killed another computer today.
That is 4 now.
It always happens when emailing.
That is why this computer does not do emails, it writes and posts.
I will not have email capacity until November. Then it will be once a week, when I go to the Dive Bar with the new doomed machine.

I am crippled, but able with crutches to use the trains with a light back pack.
Since i can no longer work to earn my keep biographies will be back. I plan on devoting next year to writing the memoirs of Kelly, Bob, Dan, James and Rick, perhaps others.

The website is scheduled for nonfiction on weekdays out to Friday April 19 2024 which will be the final of 15 posts on Gibbon's Decline and Fall of Rome.
As of January, i will not schedule posts on Tuesday and Thursday but leave those days open to guest posts—dis cracker gettin' old.
Weekends are scheduled out on Sunday until March 3 with #18 of American Dog and until May 19th with the 6th chapter of Motherboard.
Saturdays are only scheduled out to February 17th, with SPQR #2. I expect to complete that novel by November and for it to run through June.

Crackpot Mailbox?
If there is a subject you wish me to address in an article, text Flop the Zero Phone [who is starting to crack] and I'll use that prompt in an article i will send to Lynn for substack.
Flop's address is 443-686-0598.
Thank you all for supporting my geriatric misbehavior.
james, G-String, New Joysey, Wednesday, October 4
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