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Autumn 2023 Writing Journal
© 2023 James LaFond
-1. 640 word, schedule posts thru March and April, travel to Lancaster, PA, stay with Erique
-2. stay with Erique and make enchiladas with his daughter of 4, buy train tickets for autumn
-3. Incognegro picks me up from Lancaster and takes me to Maryland to visit with family, both sons and all three grandchildren, Erique picks me up from Maryland and takes me to Nero the Pict’s house, drink and feast until 4 am with Nero and Cutie Homesteader, a great day spent with sons and goonsons!
-4. Liver recovery day, begin proofing Wife, 7 pages
-5. Nero takes me to Erique’s and Erique drives me back to Harm City, pit stop at Brickmouse House, emails, proof Wife to page 15, nap, proof Wife to page 33, visited with Brickmouse 7 Bride
-6. finished proofing Wife, therapy, off to the East Side
-7. back to Brickmouse House, retook 7 positions in Kama Sutra, 2690, My Fallen Friend #0, dinner and training with the Operator
-8. nerve conduction study on Southside, back to Northeast by bus, to the East Side with Brickmouse as I show him emergency routes when the interstate is down, 7 emails, send substack posts to editor and completed novel to webmaster, cards with Emma
-9. cards with Emma, 2nd place in first Gimp vs Girl Hopscotch Championship, 1261, cancel My Fallen Friend,
-10. played cribbage and read Genesis 26 to 28 with little Emma, 1941, 1642,
-11. 1559, 1621, begin proofing Songs of Aryаs to page 13
-12. back to Northeast Baltimore, turned lame knee offloading from bus, 7 emails, manuscripts to paperback publishers, autumn substack to Lynn, edit SoA to page 64, Dinner with Brickmouse and Bride, heavy storms, nervous system shorted out, cribbage with hosts
-13. emails, edited Songs of Aryаs to 193, help assess house drainage overwhelming sump pump and we did it, 1,288 words of foot notes, complete SoAryas, coach the Operator
-14. post Of Dogs and Men, wash clothes, pack for Harford County parent sitting, pharmacy, begin Motherboard, 926, to Harford County
-15. visit, rest, exercise
-16. 1247, MB #1.A, 1627, MB #1.B, to bar with Incognegro in Aberdeen,
-17. 1695, MB #1.C,
-18. 8:30 neurology exam, 1,777 MB #2, outline Hobo Historian intro articles, 1,403, 932, dinner with Doc Dread
-19. 1159, 859, 860, 1196, 2336,
-20. 1339, 1149, visited grandchildren
-21. 1259, 1095, 1355, cleaned Mom’s house
-22. 1629, gamed with family, drank moonshine, did hobo historian interviews in Mom’s kitchen
-23. proofed Motherboard 1.c and 2, 1661 MB #3, visit with family, say goodbye’s, back to Baltimore
-24. coffee with Brickmouse, dropped off at the Henhouse
-25. 1174 MB#4, 797 MB#5a, 1282 MB#5.b,
-26. amplify MB#5, 1286 MB#6, 1406 MB#7, crutched to liquor store and back, 1 mile in 1 hour, visit with Megan, who this morning cried, her hobo man tomorrow morning leaving again
-27. back to Northeast Baltimore, bank, Pharmacy, lunch with the Man in the Hat, arrange text for Motherboard at 14,947 words,
-28. post office, coach the Operator, wash clothes, proof Motherboard amplifying to 15,173 words, 1613,
-29. pack, post, uploads, emails
-30. train to Jersey,
Articles/chapters: 33
Books: 1
Novels: 1
Journals: 0
Histories: 0
-1. rest in Jersey, 350 word article,
-2. attempted to repair and annotate the text of a biography on Oceola, which turned out to be utter trash, 1237, 1461, listen to Defoe
-3. 1599, 1234, 1303, blew eye up,
-4. 271, scheduled posts, killed email computer sending files, visit with Crux Cross, Thot Criminalwitz, Mescaline Franklin, played Mary Biscotti in scrabble, Dark Lord of Diction put down blond peasant uprising
-5. packed for Pittsburgh, end article by skype to editor, 1171, played scrabble rematch and was deposed from my dark tower by 2 points! Drats!
-6. To Pittsburgh with Mr, Safronno, 1437,
-7. Pittsburgh, Dennis bodybuilding contest
-8. breakfast with brother, With Mr, Saffronno, Rick and Punky
-9. The week with Rick and Punky begins on strict diet to prepare for crutching the long train platforms in the west, send article for substack via skype, began article
-10. 1830,
-11. 1837, listened to DeFoe, Mister Gray comes to town,
-12. 1929, mail busted computer, drink too much beer
-13. breakfast with reader at diner, 485, began Battle #0,
-14. 2003,
-15. to train station at 10 P.M. for midnight boarding,
-16. trains west
-17. trains west, reach Salt Lake City at midnight,
-18. begin I Could Not Kiss Ass!, 459,
-19. 1455, visited Arla
-20. 943,
-21. 1075, to the SLC train station
-22. into San Jose, checked in at The Alameda Motel, no coffee maker, just microwave, crashed
-23. went to coffee shop and Whole Foods, instant espresso, instant decaf, sleepytime herb tea, cheese, cocoa bar, cream, in isolation for novel writing, read SPQR front matter, outlined SPQR body of text, read back matter, to liquor store
-24. 2139 SPQR#3, 1529 SPQR#4, talked to sick friend, listen to Gibbon’s chapter 16 on the treatment of early Christians by Roman government, walk to Whole Foods with cane, second cane walk to next primary street, Mexican bar: $24 for three beers!
-25. 1751 SPQR#5, Gibbon 16, to used book store around corner, visited book store and bought a rare thin volume,
-26. 2395, SPQR#6, beer and dinner with Vaxx Zombie DeGualle,
-27. 1970 SPQR#7, 2 mile walk, 3 hours, 975 words SPQR#8, eye blew up,
-28. 1080 SPQR#8.2, eye blew up, coffee, book store, outlined histories, lunch with Vaxx Zombie,
-29. out to breakfast served by brassy Martita, took notes in book store, bought 5 titles, 1345, proofed SPQR#8.2, 1201 SPQR#8.3,
-30. 1367, 1252, pack, visit with Vaxx Zombie, 8 PM train to Portland
-31. train to Portland
Articles/chapters: 29
Books: 0
Novels: 0
Journals: 0
Histories: 0
-1. getting squared away for the season in Landlady’s Lodge, me being her pet Yeti
-2. 1512, almost kicked out, not good for writing,
-3. 1017, tried to get online for periscope post and failed, dinner with Kelly
-4. shopping with Land Lady, drinking with Beast O’Neal and Brassy Babe, two handed spades and cribbage with Land Lady’s son
-5. 1285, 1004, breakfast with Kenwa, clothes shopping to replace winter clothes, dinner with Kelly and Lori, drinks at the Dive Bar
-6. proof Sunday’s writing, clean bathroom, 1401, 1381, begin editing Beasts of Aryаs,
-7. eye blew up, read Costin A’s book and annotated by hand, to Yakima, WA,
-8. writing in Reservation Casino hotel room, 804, editorial call, proofed and amplified SPQR chapters, 1210, visited Wampato
-9. 1940 SPQR 9, back to Portland
-10. amplified SPQR 9, 1929 SPQR 10,
-11. negotiated new living arrangement, read Tecumseh
book eye blew up
-12. eye blew up, confirmed peace treaty with native queen, read and annotated Ethan Allen’s journal at The Lariat bar while day drinking, ate bacon and eggs then drank from 10 am to 10 pm,
-13. eye blew up, cleaned floors and walls, outlined and began 6 book reviews, want to finish with print books in case I have to move in a hurry, really need to get to train station tomorrow, cribbage with Little Boy and nodded out drunk
-14. eye blew, Little Boy awarded me “drunk Indian” prize and offered breakfast, 1746, leg worse today, to station tomorrow, Tribal Elders dinner
-15. eye blew, bussed and crutched around Portland, 1024, headed out to an Indian Casino to not gamble
-16. eye blew, edit yesterday’s article, 1724, help elder with medical visit, 1928, yep, eye is screwed now
-17. nightmares, eye woke, wrote dream as poem, 650, dinner with Portland Joe, drinks at Dive Bar
-18. eye seizure, 1169, funeral wake, dinner with Beast O’Neal and Brassy Babe
-19. rest, send documents via skype to editor
-20. 1088, cleared training area for young roommate, asked Mister Saffrano to send boxing gloves and mouth pieces, shopped with Land Lady and discovered I am no longer good at bagging groceries… death must be yawning near.
-21. 1071, 1308, elders dinner, dive bar revel to midnight
-22. posted Fiction and nonfiction through April, worked with Land Lady’s son on home improvements, dispute with Land lady over train schedule, read Ethan Allen, outlined a history chapter, seal hardwood floors, plan my escape from the breached treaty after having a Native curse laid upon me, being declared an “evil, cruel and heartless,” “whiteman,”
-23. 1564, Shanksshiving Day (yuck, another attack on my eating habits), spoke with a reader from Canada in town for the holiday, maybe a fed, will meet at a bar and hopefully be stomped to death, could not find the place
-24. 777, outlined Nihil: A Speculative Novel, lost 8 hour drinking bout with Nuffy G.
-25. declined a rematch, 6 hours of domestic chores, and drank at therapeutic levels
-26. read and annotated pages 64 thru 124 of Ethan Allen’s narrative at bar, visited friend in hospital, outlined two journal pieces, 2 histories
-27. clean kitchen, 1450, cane for an hour, made crockpot soup, 1281,
-28. bad back sprain, leg worse, rigged tarp for lady’s smoking area, 1883, 1286
-29. made potato soup, 2161, 1881,
-30. edit 29ths work, organize Plantation America docs, arrange text for Out Of the Cookie, 50,672 words
Articles/chapters: 27
Books: 1
Novels: 0
Journals: 1
Histories: 0
End of Crackpot Autumn
Expenses through November 31
Train: $25 train to Jersey, $218 two-train trip to Salt Lake City, a $91 two train trip to San Jose, $193 two train trip to Portland, 141 round trip to San Jose, 34 one way to Seattle,
Bus: 4, 4, 5,
Clothes: Lost my hovel and all winter clothes, including three coats in Portland: $200 budgeted to replace =1 coat, 1 hat, 4 shorts, 2 pair pants
Sedan: $100, [Baltimore] 40 [Portland]
Food: $51, 100, 70, 60, 30, 30, 34, 50, 47, 27, 7, 20, 18, 75, 37, 30, 70, 6, 7, 10, 7, 10, 5, 48, 12, 13, 24, 28, 7, 60, 30, 27, 45, 5, 10, 20, 50, 5, 31, 5, 5
Meds: 37, 19, 35 for cane and eye patches, 20
Hotel: 50, 280, Pittsburgh, 20, San Jose, 650, 200, Yakima 100, San Jose 300
Rent: 140 [Portland], 160, 40, 80, 60
Postage: 17, 96, 17, 14
Books; 7, 14, 15 [for Plantation America],
Shrouds of Aryаs Available
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Baltimore by Day
logic of steel
barbarism versus civilization
into leviathan’s maw
blue eyed daughter of zeus
thriving in bad places
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