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Would You Want a Hobo Coaching Your Children?
© 2024 James LaFond
Jan 6, 2024, 6:44 PM (17 hours ago)
to me
Hello, How are you doing today?
I would love to schedule my kids for Boxing Lesson , where are you located please? The kids ages are nine, eleven & Thirteen years old, they are beginners and have no experience. I would like to know what days and times that will work for you as the kids are homeschooled and have a flexible schedule. Thank you very much, I await your response

I find the above interesting in that the person addressing this old crumb has not read much of my combat space material, and seems unaware of my pariah status. I don't coach children, or females, and only coach men i have meat met, and avoid that unless I know they have purchased one of my books, in that guilt blooms there, for one cannot learn how to fight from books and i have trafficked in fight books...
These are really intended to help men with fighting, and preferably, coaching experience in combat arts. Most of the men—by far most of them—that I have coached are shifting between arts, and use me to help apply punching to their kicking and grappling.
In case this is another prospective Creep State handler, I thought I should at least provide my projected whereabouts.
I do hope to spend June in the Pacific Northwest and July and August in Utah, Denver and Illinois, , before returning to the Mid-Atlantic for September. But still can't walk, so who knows where this bag of meat crash lands...

James LaFond
12:06 PM (0 minutes ago)
to G
I am am in rural King County, Washington until May 27.
then in San Jose for 29th thru 31st.
Then in Portland Oregon from february 1 through March 23rd.
Pittsburgh, PA, April 1 through 7th
Lancaster, PA April 8th to 10th.
Baltimore, MD from April 12th through May 1
Off grid for early May
May 17th through 22nd, Baltimore again,
then headed to points west from east Tennessee by ways I am not yet sure of.
Take care.
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