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Survival Dating
The Hot Crazy Matrix: A Man's Guide to Women by Tactical Response
© 2014 James LaFond
If you are a young man and you don’t want to end up like this old man watch this! If you are an old man, and you want to feel good about having survived dating and/or avoiding the apocalypse called marriage, then watch this and then pat yourself on the back for crossing the bachelor line!
Note: There is a tall Latina babe [at the bottom of the page] who does a companion to this. Honestly, her presentation sucks, and hopefully so does she, because she is one of those danger zone babes the genius in the white shirt is here to warn you about—hot and crazy.
You might think I’m off base here, but this belongs on the Modern Combat page, and not just because the guys doing the presentation are gun pros, but because with the predatory nature of today’s females, failure to utilize this matrix could literally be—your ass son!
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Jeremy Bentham     Aug 16, 2014

"The disciples said to him," If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry." Matthew 19:10 (NIV)

"Attachments are the source of all suffering." Buddha

LMAO! Looks like the pool of suitable candidates

for marriage has shrunken to insignificance, both from a male and a female point of view. No wonder the marriage rate in this country has plummeted! In addition to this shrinking pool of suitable partners, it's common knowledge that getting married, and subsequently divorced, in 21st Century America can leave one impoverished and psychologically traumatized. More and more liabilities and fewer and fewer benefits attached to marriage. Therefore it's small wonder that so many of our young men are avoiding the institution. Perhaps marriage has become an anachronism that no longer serves a useful purpose and ought to be abolished.
James     Aug 17, 2014


I think that what you suggest might be anachronistic is even worse than that. Marriage has been so coopted by the legal profession—virtually taken away from the traditional religious institutions that oversaw it—that I recommend to all young men that they avoid it.

A friend of mine fell out of love with his wife as did she with him. They stuck it out until the kids graduated from school. They then decided on a minimal cost divorce, and wished to share the same lawyer, and have an amicable split. She trusts him so much she still wants him to handler her investments! These are good people that do not want to go at each other's throats in court. I forget the details but he told me that they were unable to find a lawyer to agree to oversee an amicable split. The lawyers explained to him that the system was inherently adversarial and acrimonious and that they could not—with a clear conscience—sully their professional standing by being party to something so heinous as an amicable divorce with no winner and no loser!

When my wife told me to leave I told her to name the price. She named a price twice what is generally awarded in court, and I agreed to pay it, cash, every Wednesday when I came to visit our youngest son. On both sides friends, relatives and lawyers tried to make her go after me for even more and tried to talk me into employing a lawyer to reduce my support for my son. WTF!

Can't two people who don't want to have sex anymore just get along? It is implicitly illegal it seems. What myself and some others who cannot afford lawyers have been doing is just remaining separated indefinitely. This has the added benefit of preventing another marriage!

In todays social climate I only see marriage as practical for people in late middle-age looking to avoid government seizure of assets when one passes away. In my opinion, our society has evolved in such a way along the liberal media axis to foster, encourage and enflame gender and racial animosity at every turn. Until people have been through all of the trials that this shit-storm throws our way, I have to recommend against marriage.

Thanks so much for the theistic quotes—a perspective that is starkly absent from today's discussion of marriage.
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 17, 2014

You're Welcome James.

Whoa! Looks like that tooth is not dead after all because we definitely hit a raw nerve here! Yes, it appears that marriage has become completely “divorced” from its religious origins. What the State has joined together let no man put asunder, unless a court assigns blame to one of the parties and renders a monetary judgment against them (and counsel collects their fees). I was given to understand that all the “no-fault” divorce laws enacted in the 1960’s and 1970’s were intended to prevent all these acrimonious and punishing divorce settlements? I thought the Liberals wanted to get the government OUT of people’s bedrooms? So what happened to change that? The state used to have a legitimate interest in adjudicating the breakup of marriages because society had an interest in ensuring that any children produced by a heterosexual union were properly cared for and did not become burden on the community. Back in the “before times”, pre-WWII, the children of divorced or separated couples were often placed in an orphanage. I know someone who that happened to; his parents were a volatile couple who underwent a legal separation, a number of times no less. Unwanted children were considered a dangerous nuisance years ago; after all we still refer to a cruel person as a “bastard”, an illegitimate child, someone who acts pissed off at the world because he feels abandoned and unloved. However, since the state is now perfectly willing to subsidize out of wedlock births it hard to see what interest the state should have in how divorced couples care for their offspring. Perhaps we should emulate the French in this matter. They have recognized “civil unions” in addition to traditional marriages since 1999. In fact heterosexual couples in France are engaging in civil unions over marriage at a “two to three” ratio A contributing factor is that a civil union is much easier to dissolve than a traditional marriage. To dissolve a civil union in France one merely has to file a single page form, signed by both parties and notarized, with the local equivalent to a clerk of court. Easier than renewing your driver’s license and you don’t have to hire a lawyer or appear before a judge. It is one of those head scratchers that our Leftists want to copy all the things that the French do that DON’T work and none of things that they do that DO work. In any event James, I do suppose that our advice to young men to stay away from the hot crazy women will fall on deaf ears. They will go at them like moths to the flame regardless.

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” Friedrich Nietzsche
James     Aug 18, 2014

Thanks Jeremy for resisting the temptation to lace your comment with sarcasm. You really put things in context.

Young men, please, enjoy your hot crazy women responsible, and use the relationship disposal repository on your way out of the dating habitat...
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 18, 2014

James I feel your pain. I've been there myself. Mine was an amicable divorce, meaning that I was only "flesh wounded", the "bullet" passed through me without hitting anything important. So I understand how you feel about the whole business. Going through a divorce is like enduring one of those Chinese Communist criticism/self-criticism sessions. You may have believed you were a nice guy and that everybody liked you, but suddenly it is revealed to you, publically no less, what an "enemy of the people" you truly are and how you must be made to confess your sins and accept your punishment. Even though you don't think you did anything wrong. People who have not been through it may not understand what kind of heartache it can be. Then again, since so many of our young people today are the children of divorced parents, they probably understand better than we old folks imagine. Females often presume that because males don't show their feelings it is because they have no feelings. So they try to get a rise out of their mate to get back at him for his perceived indifference and end up shocked and frightened by the emotion that comes out. The fact is that men often take breakups harder than women. Anyway, it is not my intention to bum everyone out. The videos that you posted James are laugh out loud funny. As comedian Mike Myers dad said, "There is nothing so awful that it can't be laughed at".
James     Aug 18, 2014

Amen Jeremy.

As a coworker of mine once said 10 minutes before the end of shift on Christmas morning as we watched six double stacked pallets of sodas crash to the concrete floor [back when we still drank from glass bottles in the mid 80s], "At a time like this you must laugh or cry. Let's laugh."

Glad to hear it was just a flesh wound.
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 18, 2014

Yeah, just wounded pride, hurt feelings, you know. Otherwise I escaped relatively unscathed. Well what can you say; if your marriage doesn't end in divorce it will end in death. Probably yours. Like they say, every man's obituary will contain the phrase "survived by his wife".
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