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Shrouds of Aryas Complete
Possibly Available as a Site E-Book in April
© 2024 James LaFond
At 830 pages and over 130,000 words, the fourth book in the Aryas Project is stuck on this computer and on memory sticks until I can get the files into the hands of the Web Master. I am unable—living with fellow paleolithic folks—to skype or use email. i am hoping that a return to Baltimore in April will get me back on line in that way.
I do not think it will ever be in print, as with most of my books over the past five years.
I am going to try and get set up on a paperback platform for publishing drafts. If this is accomplished, this is still too big a book for my dumbass to put into print, because of the book design requirements of its size.
A forward by Achilleas, written for a possible print edition for Sons of Aryas, leads off this volume, as i have been unable to work with the old Microshaft files using my current open office system, and hence may not edit the first edition in the series. Basically, if i wrote it before July 2021, i can't work with the file.
Injury Recovery
author's notebook
Flop The Zero Phone Had A Stroke
when you're food
broken dance
dark, distant futures
advent america
the sunset saga complete
winter of a fighting life
orphan nation
by the wine dark sea
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