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Getting Hammered in the Hood
The Seven Keys to Understanding the Plight of White America
© 2014 James LaFond
8/13/16 Update
In checking our most read articles this piece appears to be the one that brought one out of every 10 of our current readers to the site. And, unlike most of the boxing readers, Harm City readers stick around. This incident seems like a decade ago with all of the sewage that has passed through the arteries of the American body politic. As with most of the important Harm City articles, I did not compose this. It was essentially assigned to me as an op-ed piece by a regular reader.
12/8/14 Update
Here is another black American teen on Bosnian crime. In all fairness someone might want to tell these hood-rats what a Bosnian is. Most blacks I know think that all whites in America are descendants of Southern plantation gentry.
I opened my email this morning to find that one of my reporters has been busy:
I only linked you to this because of the 24 year old being able to fight them off while this guy got killed..I think it was because he was initially in a car and thus was handicapped by this more than if he was walking around free like the other guy.
It sounds weird (it didn’t help that his cowardly friend left him) but it sounds like something you could write about..trying to help the 'vehicle privileged'(who do pay for
it though).
He is outraged that they hit his car so he is already behind the cuff so to speak,
"How dare you?" whereas they are "we are going to fuck you up" right off the bat.
The guy walking down the street is already like "Okay, here comes danger and I must fight for my life or honor" concern over his 'being' rather than his 'property'.
Also he might have just been a big dude.
Also I love the adoption of racial type marching and blocking traffic by the Boz.
They don't realize this is only for brothers and elves?
Here is the video link
The Violence Guy Chimes In
Okay Shane, you sound like your are looking for motorist survival tips from a pedestrian, so I will work that angle, looking at your mechanized butt from my own infantry perspective.
My take on the attack is that it was a mix of two classic elements in opportunistic predation:
1. Attacks against seated people in parked or stopped cars
2. Larger groups targeting smaller groups
The man who was slain was obviously protecting his cowardly friend who fled and survived. I read his interview, and if a guy like that stays and fights, he does more harm than good. His role, as the woman in the scenario, was to flee and he did. Before the recent riots in Baltimore I would have suggested using the car as a weapon. But this is no longer legally tenable. Any white who uses a car against a group of rampaging youths will face criminal charges, civil law suits, and eventual hate crime charges from the DOJ.
Here I was referencing a minor riot in Baltimore in support of the unrest surrounding Michael Brown's death.
Suggested Action Plan:
1. Strategic driving around minority populations, not through
2. Evasive driving out of minority areas
3. A commitment to never ask for directions in a minority area, for then you will be attacked
4. Using the car as a weapon against armed attackers [although you will face criminal charges]
5. Short extension weapons like tire thumpers, tire irons, flashlights, hand umbrellas, rolled up magazines and long neck 22-24 ounce glass bottles, should be kept handy in case you are compelled to step out of the car
6. Specific forearm conditioning by striking a post or punching bag with sticks so that bone breaking shots may be landed without swinging the weapon.
7. A weekend with the Dog Brothers on the West Coast, their affiliate in Chicago, or with Modern Agonistics on the East Coast, to have the reality beaten into your pasty white ass.
On a martial note: any of my stick fighters armed with an umbrella, tire iron or simple legal mop handle would have crushed these guys. Then again suggesting to an American man that he should learn how to fight is rude. A suburban friend of mine carries a baton in his car to defend against the numerous red neck road ragers driving down from Pennsylvania to buy their crack and heroin in Baltimore. On many occasions he has been threatened with his two toddler girls in the car by angry white men. So, with white men and black youths ever more likely to drag white men from their cars how come white men won't let me teach them how to win fights with a rolled up newspaper or a $5 umbrella? I do not even charge for coaching, and am one of the best blade and extension weapon fighters on the East Coast. Is there some creeping aversion to being a man?
As far as the car situation, being seated always puts you in a vulnerable position even if you are in an F-16. I suggest using the vehicle for evasive driving. Run a red light and break whatever traffic laws need broken to avoid being stopped by innocent black teens.
Wake Up Whiteman!
If you are not lethal you are not a man; not in my book or in the books of all previous pre-civilized societies. We are headed into a post-civilized world, so start acting accordingly.
Here is one story from the local 7-11 from yesterday. Abe was tending the counter when an oppressed individual entered with a single dollar and demanding a pack of cigarettes. Abe told him to get lost. The punk pulled a knife. Abe drew the steel bar he keeps from behind the counter and the punk left. He now keeps the door locked overnight and opens it for each customer.
Conduct yourself like Abe. Realize that civilization was a lie and is now blatantly rotting under the postmodern sun, and therefore no longer requires your complacence to prop up its teetering image. Wake up White Man! Your enemies gather above and below to drag you down and take everything that you have not already surrendered to them. You could use a White Tecumseh just now but I don't see him on the horizon.
Where are the White men who want to be able to defend their friends and family and property and person? Where have they gone?
Could it be, as I have contended since 1998, that they sold the rights to their mansong to USA Records?
Look White People, thank the current Criminal in Chief for finally letting you know that you are slaves living under a reign of terror, instigated and enabled by those above, and enforced by those below. The local, state and federal police and media are denying that white people can be racially attacked. The subtext here is that your death is a misdemeanor [and is your racist ancestor's fault in any case] and the injury or death of your innocent black teen attacker is a hate crime.
It is just heating up my fellow prey items—you are food, get used to it.
John Wayne is not the President.
Clint Eastwood is not the chief of police.
Snoop Dawg is the President.
The chief of police used to act in commercials about men who were too stupid to spend their own money and had to be reeducated by their wife.
Mother Theresa gave Bill Cosby a blow job.
Spike Lee took down the Third Reich, and Horror Movie Director Eli Roth defeated the army of Erwin Rommel with a bat.
Get used to it.
The White American Man sold his soul at McDonalds, sold his woman to Wal-Mart and put his balls up for sale on e-bay.
Good luck getting all that back
From here on out, you White People have been served notice that you are not permitted to defend yourself against minorities, and that if you do you will be persecuted. The purpose of this is to get you to beg for martial law, support the expansion of The Patriot Act, and willingly finance more proactive policing. All this stands to benefit the rich whites living in gated communities and for whom the current Criminal in Chief is nothing but a shucking and jiving Uncle Tom.
A Brief Postscript
I was once on my way, alone, out to Northeast Baltimore, with a jobolo wood baton I had just purchased at the Warrior Emporium on Light Street in South Baltimore, to fight a mixed-race group of teen/adult thugs who had attacked my oldest son. The Ukrainian cabbie that drove me there was sympathetic, and had recently survived an attack by a group of 20 to 30 blacks in West Baltimore by driving over a few of them when they linked arms to pen him in their neighborhood. He then drove to a county gas station out Route 40 and hosed off his car. That was doable in the 1990s when all blacks hated and mistrusted the police and did not report any crime. Since the Z-man and Skittle case black criminals no longer fear the police, but use them as unwitting accomplices with the advice of wealthy white lawyers. This is an adaptation of drug war counter insurgency strategy enabled by the realization that the government and media does not represent White America, but the legal profession. My Ukrainian friend would have done serious time if he tried this stunt today, in the last month, of the last year, of your delusion.
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Suburban White Dude     Dec 3, 2014

To be fair, I did acknowledge that I had no clue how to use that Baton, and I have since started looking for a really good sharp-topped umbrella. Someday I'll train with you, but right now I'm too busy learning to garden, working, and fucking.

Gotta have some reason to miss civilization when the shit hits the fan, right?
James     Dec 3, 2014

Okay Bro, I care about your little girls too, so until you get out for some training do the following.

1. Keep the baton as a bathroom weapon. You should have a weapon in every room. Outside of your house if you use that and are not a cop or security employee it's, as we say down here in the hood, 'Yo ass!' In the bathroom something that will not rust is ideal. I have a scuba knife.

2. Get a stick and a cheap dollar store throw carpet. Roll the carpet up on the floor, kneel to the side of it, and beat it using minimal elbow action. Tell the kids you are practicing for a Kwansa celebration. Keep the stick near your front door for a greeting weapon. More lethal weapons need to be in the house core. Anything used at the entrance should not be edged or a gunpowder weapon, although I did know a guy who kept a 2.5 gallon jug of urine as a greeting weapon—and used it.

3. Buy some of those cheap dollar store hand umbrellas—one for each pretty little head seated in your eco-friendly save-the-gay-baby-whales-for-Jesus-good-looking-dude-mobile. Whenever you enter or leave your automobile one of these should be in your hand. Used as a weapon it should be held by the wire and cover fold with a one inch butt below your pinkie, with the handle used as a striking end. This imparts whip to the short weapon. It is only good for two good whacks—don't ask dude. Target the temple, unless his head is as wide as a basketball, then target the jaw.

4. For use as a thrusting weapon while seated in the car keep one of the short ergonomic ice scrapers handy. Target the throat and eyes, and then hit them in the knees with your gay commie car door while they reel back. When they hit the ground jump up and down in one ankle, that is all you need to break, is one ankle and they'll not be a match for your youngest daughter with her Dora the Explorer colored pencil.

Take care out there.
Jeremy Bentham     Dec 3, 2014

Hear! Hear! Well said James.

As a well known German statesman once said:

"Those who would survive, let them fight, and those who will not fight in this world of eternal struggle, do not deserve to live."
Maureen     Dec 3, 2014

"wealthy white lawyers" uh no dude. Wealthy JEW lawyers. Get a clue.
James     Dec 4, 2014

Okay, I have fought Jewish fighters, had sex with a Jewess [she had the genitals of a white woman incidentally], and have worked for over a dozen well-compensated Hebrews. Where exactly are the black, yellow, red and brown Jews you speak of? Please give me a clue.
Travolta     Dec 3, 2014

How effective is the top of the toilet as a weapon? That's one I keep in mind.
James     Dec 4, 2014

Now the lid of the tank is too heavy for most people to swing with, but could be used as a battering ram to crack a sternum. The only person I ever hit with one of these was my right knee and it hurt lie hell.

Don't forget the toilet seat. It breaks off whole or in a C-shaped piece only being attacked at two small points.
cointelproagent     Dec 4, 2014

Belt buckles also make an excellent weapon that John Law cannot f**k with you for having.
James     Dec 4, 2014

Thank you sir—another weapon in the automobile arsenal.
Maureen Martin     Dec 4, 2014

Jews are Jews. Special people, or so they tell us. They are not to be confused with gentiles (non-Jews). Jews have special schools and a country called Israel where they can keep diseased African out. White Europeans don't have a country like that.

Jew are often very rich but can still claim persecuted minority status.

And no I am most definitely not a Jew (in reply to you reply on another thread).
Jeremy Bentham     Dec 9, 2014

Hey James, I don't believe that telling the Saint Louis hood-rats what a Bosnian is will make any difference. Bosnians just look like boring, ordinary white people. There are Bosnian Croatians, Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Muslims (AKA Bosniacs). The Bosnian Muslims are merely the descendants of Croats and Serbs who converted to Islam under the Turks some 500 years ago. Therefore, the Bosnian Muslims look just like the Croats and Serbs, except when they’re dressed to go to church (mosque). It’s inconceivable that any white person (even one from Bosnia) can have suffered more than any black person, so I can’t imagine the hood-rats would confer fellow victim status on the Bosnians and leave them alone.
Jeremy Bentham     Dec 9, 2014

Hey James, I don't believe that telling the Saint Louis hood-rats what a Bosnian is will make any difference. Bosnians just look like boring, ordinary white people. There are Bosnian Croatians, Bosnian Serbs and Bosnian Muslims (AKA Bosniacs). The Bosnian Muslims are merely the descendants of Croats and Serbs who converted to Islam under the Turks some 500 years ago. Therefore, the Bosnian Muslims look just like the Croats and Serbs, except when they’re dressed to go to church (mosque). It’s inconceivable that any white person (even one from Bosnia) can have suffered more than any black person, so I can’t imagine the hood-rats would confer fellow victim status on the Bosnians.
James     Dec 10, 2014

What if the hood rats wore Archduke Ferdinand T-shirts!
Bingo     Sep 22, 2015

Since you relinked this piece I thought I'd offer a take as an exurb dweller who traverses the St Louis danger zone periodically. The StL Bosnians protested a few days and then shut the hell up. Over the next few weeks quite a few urban youth turned up dead with minimal narrative or police interest. I'm not saying there is a Bosnian justice system in St Louis, but the evidence seems to suggest the presence of one which defends their strongholds in South City.

Outside of the major sporting events in St Louis two groups tend to cluster in downtown St Louis bars and Clubs. Second generation Bosnians from South City and African Americans from North City. There's been a long détente between the groups since soon after the initial Bosnian arrival. There are definitely men among the Bosnian refugee population in St Louis and even some of their descendants. North City hasn't quite raised a force that parallels the last army that tried to exterminate them.

But yes. It very much sucks to be a non-Bosnian white or asian walking after dusk and potentially subject to the knockout game.
James     Sep 23, 2015

Bingo, You made my day!

I hope the Bosnians drop bodies n a regular.

The fact about African Americans is that they are generally just more violent and less thoughtful versions of white Americans, and have no guts, no staying power. they are just hot-headed materialists with zero tribal identity.

Black gangs have never resisted Latino gangs.

Black gangs have never resisted white biker gangs.

Anywhere in Baltimore where there was a cohesive white ethnic community, the blacks never penetrated with their crime until the whites sold out.

Take care out there.
Bingo     Sep 23, 2015

Thank you. Around St Louis we have two major kinds of criminal urban youth. We have the metro-east variety from the Illinois side of the river that is largely content to undertake petty crimes and kill their own with only occasional adventures into ransacking Arab stores as a "flash mob." Once they get to their mid to late 20s only then will they consider criminal acts when whites are present, probably because their entire school system is staffed by whites and from an early age they are taught whites are the people holding the keys that allow them to "make it" and get recruited to a football team.

The other major variety is the North City/County criminal black. This is what was seen in force in Ferguson and in limited skirmishes other places in the area that likely did not make the national news. From the age of 9 onwards they will engage in the full spectrum of crime and lack the restraint instilled by the hope incultured in the East Side variety. From this group there are still promising boxers and other individual sports athletes, but also the full crime spectrum from smashing windows in parked cars to alley rapes. They kill their own in their neighborhoods but will adventure far into whitedom to commit property crimes. The one mostly white neighborhood in North city is occupied by hard old pollacks who buy the title to their house and every other house on the block praying they will get the urban rejuvination south city got.

Nothing scares either type more than the other and the east side and north side varieties can rapidly sort themselves. Large interracial gatherings like Mardi Gras and Baseball games are nearly perfectly peaceful because of the mutual fear North and East share. White folk will get drunk and get arrested without fear of native molestation because of this arrangement though their cars will still be emptied.

The Bosnians were a huge bounty to St Louis by making everthing in city limits south of I-64 livable. Neighborhoods like Soulard which had been subject to renewal efforts since the 70's suddenly thanks to 50,000 people of new ethnicity become not only livable but tourist safe. Gays concentrated densely in a couple border neighborhoods and now tech shart ups are springing up on Cherkee street in what is still Dodge.

Two decades later though both white and black St Louisans and people out a few hundred miles can still distinguish between "whites" "blacks" and the third ethnicity Bosnians. The hammer attacks on Bosnians must have been some of the stupidest never left their hood before North City kids, which are of course the danger to everyone due to their lack of reason to fear anything other than those evil East Side kids who are much better nourished than them and the scarier for it.

I love your Harm city reports and wish I could offer anything close from here in River of Blood city, but I can't care to try urban living here with its short lifespan. I'm sunburnt Northern European, not olive.
MescFranklin     Aug 14, 2016

Yeah, definitely a LaFond classic.
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