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The following reviews come from online customers and a pool of readers who I send my manuscripts to for content feedback. If you have anything you would like to see in this space concerning fiction available on this site, feel free to contact me at jameslafond dot com at gmail dot com.
-James LaFond, Wednesday, October 10th, 2012
By This Axe!
'This is a great piece of American literature. I was so into it I almost missed my stop twice. My favorite part was the limo scene and the purple scarf. I was laughing so hard I had to put it down!'
Zack Sandlin, 2/29/2012
I liked Zach’s review so much I am writing him into Seven Moons Deep as a supporting character, with the provision that he shall not be raped, dismembered, eaten [not even partially] or killed.
Soter’s Way
“Prepare for a sci-fi slap in the face, as LaFond takes you into a journey of a man whose childlike innocence is truly bliss.”
-Adam Swinder, August 2012
'Seeing the working world from the persepctive of an innocent handicapped person was enlightening...unsettling too. The guy in the attic caught me off guard. This is the kind of thing you reread.'
-Dominick Mattero, September 2012
“Organa’s world is a cold place, where the ultimate good human has been used up and is about to be discarded. Tray is very compelling; a lusty, compassionate man. The villains are very interesting people. But the avatars steal the show with their sense of humor and fashion statements—they’re more human than the humans.”
-Lee Hoover, August 2012
Buzz Bunny
“This is Watership Down meets The Wire—off the hook.”
-Donnell Preston
Of The Sunset World
“The best thing ever written by a Neanderthal.”
-Cory Bracken, 2010
Thank you Cory! That is my favorite review of all time. It’s a shame though that you Vikings hold us sub-humans in such contempt. Could it be back-hair envy?
Den of The Ender
“Devilishly good…way beyond gory.”
-Lee Hoover, August 2012
“I have often wondered, as a sci-fi writer, what my characters would think of me; me being their god after all. For [LaFond’s] characters a good ending is not being eaten, raped or dismembered… I don’t think they’re building a lot of churches in Time Travel RFD… [His] version of the future draws me in. But the book I really want to read will be written by the psychiatrist that finally interviews him about all of this stuff.”
-Justin, August 2012
“Every person should strive to stay out of James LaFond’s non-fiction books. It should likewise be the goal of all fictional characters to avoid appearing in his fiction…like being a lobotomized kid in LaFond's version of the future! Are you serious?”
-Adam Swinder, September 2012
Behind the Sunset Veil
“…My favorite section is “To See The Sun” from The Aristotle Event, which goes totally over the top with Jay. It starts out with him delivering money and running through the city, but by the time he’s locked up in some mysterious cell run by the government and is talking to some version of Yule Brenner it’s gotten really crazy and starts going in some very heady, interesting directions. Definitely a page turner…especially the descriptions of physical combat and conflict.”
-David Carl from April 2012
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