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How Can the Police Be Strengthened?
A Baltimorean Asks the Wrong Person
© 2015 James LaFond
Overall I think the riots are great, as the Kentucky Fried Mayor’s national broadcast that the looters had to be permitted to destroy what they wished, and the open admission of the police force that they would only protect certain positions and themselves, and had no ability to protect citizens, will hopefully be remembered by all, as we enter the rocky plateau of our end time and lurch from riot to riot. We are going the way of Rome, and I say bring on the dark ages. Remember, that for most of those you know these events will be erased by the media priests through their portals of indoctrination before the year is out.
The Baltimore City Police department cannot be properly funded on the narrow tax base available. There are more criminals than home owners in Harm City. The BPD is kept on life support by Federal money, which is tied to drug war stipulations. The BPD is therefore structured as a law enforcement strike force, not a public defense force. The BPD specializes in strikes against individuals. Almost all BPD actions are essentially heavily armed gang attacks on individuals or a house.
From my experience and police and criminal interviews, the operational doctrine is roughly this:
1 unarmed, unaggressive, and perhaps uncooperative shoplifter, requires 2 police officers and a store security person to process, where as the store security person probably handled the person on their own. The BPD dilemma is that their officers are armed with firearms. They cannot take a chance of an officer being defeated in a one-to-one struggle and having their weapon taken by a violent criminal.
1 unarmed, aggressive shoplifter requires 3 to 7 police officers. I saw this at an Aldi’s store last year.
1 suspected criminal, assumed to be armed, in his house, which is assumed to be a drug stash house, will require a full tactical squad, or more.
Above we see the BPD trained, organized, and operating in 2-1, to 10-1 attacks against various types of individuals.
In military terms 3-1 odds is considered a bare minimum for any commander considering an attack. 1-1 is regarded as suicide. The Russians considered 7-1 odds mandatory for hitting a German position in WWII. 7-1 odds is the base advantage you want against fortified positions—which would be the drug stash house. Out in the open 7-1 is slaughter—that would be George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Cavalry—or perhaps Freddie-G against the bicycle cops and patrolmen.
With any force of this type that is organized along such predatory lines, defending against equal odds becomes a huge, hard to adapt to, headache. Defending against superior force is likely to be a disaster; primarily a crisis of morale, or fighting spirit. Metaphorically speaking an urban police force is a bully, whose members are trained to operate from a position of overwhelming advantage in terms of numbers, tactical surprise and equipment.
What typically happens to a bully when someone stands up to him? When someone attacks him? When someone gangs up on him?
Once conditioned to bully the habit may come ingrained in the individual. Six years ago a black police officer demanded I open the store for him after hours. When I refused from behind the glass he fingered his badge and promised to beat my ass on the street the next time he saw me. My co-manager once had three cops try to bully him into cashing a third party check. After he refused they stalked him after work. I am not making these points to excuse citizen hatred for cops, but to demonstrate that the very mode of operation for urban law officers is often corrosive to the masculine spirit—which is to say the warrior spirit, which is what you need to deal with an aggressive mob.
I do not blame the officers, as much as I dislike the way they have treated me as an individual. The vast majority of them treated me well as a store manager, saving my ass on a few occasions. I blame their handlers, the system that tries to make of them attack dogs in a doomed drug war, and then betrays them in their extremity.
The only way I see to strengthen a police department so that it can protect its own and the noncriminal population, is to end the drug war, which has them splitting their time between protecting and attacking drug gangs, which just generates a tougher class of criminal to prey upon the population.
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Honky Cracker     May 3, 2015

But to demonstrate that the very mode of operation for urban law officers is often corrosive to the masculine spirit-which is to say the warrior spirit, which is what you need to deal with an aggressive mob.

I read this so many times that I lost count ! This statement had to be divinely inspired by a God of War , a masculine God or Lafond has hit a level of a Warrior that is unbelievable for a civilian.

I'm going to pay him for letting me write this.
James     May 8, 2015

Thanks a lot for the prop Honky Cracker!

I remember a magazine from the 1970s titled Warriors, which was written for martial artist, fighters, military and law enforcement. I doubt if they could even sell that thing these days. This feminine governance style has to drive a cop crazy, if he was one of those cops that was choosing either military or law enforcement so it was a way to remain masculine. As much as I have animosity to cops, I want masculine cops, not some sissy telling me what to do!

I must go. The God of War is channeling through me—and he wants beer!
Colignius Ferox     Jun 23, 2015

Love your blog. I've read about two dozen of your posts in the past couple days. Huge breadth of fresh air between liberals and conservatives, politically correct idiocy, and the media. One request: Could you be more specific about how the BPD protect the drug gangs?
James     Jun 24, 2015

Very easy question,

Let's say you are the leader of the Ho Street Yo set, and you decide to sell heron—there is no I in heron whiteboy—and you and you five playas and you two guns show up to do business. The cops don't know you yet. Who they do no is the Black I'm Up In Yo Chump Cheap-dealin' Ass Always Kicking Ass Family, with their thirty playas and 20 guns. When the IUIYCCDAAKAF come out to bust a cap in yo collective ass—bam—the tactical squad is on them, and your cheap dealing punk ass has been PROTECTEDED, by Five-O, Yo.

Yo Feel me, Yo?

The police protect the bottom 195 gangs from the top five gangs. Once the top five have had enough people locked up someone else breaks in and gets the big police bulls eye and federal attention.
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