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‘Who is Boning Who?’
The Harm City Food Chain
© 2015 James LaFond
I have no numbers to support the following. These are simply the environmental factors that every thinking asshole in this septic city –yes, all four of us—knows to be the driving parameters of Harm City strife.
The list below begins with the most frequent violent relationship and ends with the least frequent. 1-3 are pretty close, to the point that in different parts of town they will be reversed. The list addresses the city and adjacent county as a whole. This is important as the most common type of county violence involves blacks from the city raiding county neighborhoods, while the most common violence in the city is perpetrated by cops, who are often county residents, upon mostly black city dwellers.
No moral judgments are made on the list below, which is simply a frequency of aggression chain of predation.
In other writings I have placed black on black violence above cops on blacks. The difference here is I am counting arrests that do no physical harm—which are legion, but impact and drive the predation chain. The reason I am counting legal aggressions that have no intended or effective harm is that this food chain is partially an expression of violence being pushed down. An arrest is violence, is aggression. So, while beatings and shootings of black men by black men vastly outnumber beatings and shootings of black men by cops, in the mind of the black man, every arrest is whitey pushing down on him. And unless he feels like he can take out a cop, then he'll take it out on you white boy.
The Social Sodomy Food Chain
1. The most common form of aggression in Baltimore City/County consist of legal and extra-legal uses of force by mixed race cops against black males, followed closely by
2. Black males on black males, followed closely by,
3. Black males on white males, followed at a great distance by the rest of the idiot on idiot violence parings
4. Mixed race cops on white males
5. Black females on everybody
6. Mixed race cops on black females
7. White females on white males
8. White males on white females
9. Mixed race cops on white females
10. Black males on white females
11. White males on white males
12. Black aggressions against Hispanics—all four genders and legal status’ combined
13. Attacks by escaped anacondas on Live Action Role Playing geeks goofing off in city sewers
14. English professors suffering from advanced cataracts molesting fading porn stars at the Sip and Bite diner
15. Attacks by super-soaker armed squeegee kids on U.S. Navy SEALs
16. And, last but not least, a racist white man [that would be Big Chev or Crazy Mark, or WhiteBoy Wayne, if he was not a fictional character] threatening or attacking violent and rude black youths
Know your place on the food chain and you can narrow your threats down to a primary, a secondary, and a tertiary source, and be happier about your predicament as you recover in the emergency room, having correctly guessed who was going to jack you up all along!
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Paul Rain     May 14, 2015

Hmm. One suspects the list may get a new addition once the 'spanic population climbs a leedle bit higher.
James     May 16, 2015

Ms-13 is in the D.C. area, and have been for a while. I know that is a Salvadoran gang and am not sure of the Mexican Salvadoran ratio in our own Latino population. If a serious Hispanic gang shows up in Baltimore, that will be something to see. We'll be back in the top three for murders then.
MarkB     May 14, 2015

no "black males on black females" category? In my neighborhood (60% black) this is a substantial category, even tho many bitches don't snitch about it
James     May 15, 2015

Excellent point.

This is information I don't get much of, and is surely present, as are some other categories I neglected to include. Women do not tell you about attacks by there men until you have done a number of interviews, where a guy will blurt it out. What I and those I interview have witnessed in public is women beating their men and children.

Also this category does not cause violent pushdown against my target readership of predominantly white men.

Currently the black women I speak to are either spending time among white men, or are not experiencing this. Also, with all sub lethal violence among blacks, there is a severe lack of reporting. Two black women that I know of have been killed by black men over the last year in Baltimore, and the media has shown very little interest in their cases.
MarkB     May 15, 2015

"...the black women I speak to are...spending time among white men"

again: in my neck of the woods these are the ones getting the beatdown, unless they're high yellows (and even then the yellows are ostracized for 'thinkin they up'). Niggas chase white women, but beat their own if they hookup with a white, asian, or mexican. Nonetheless, I see that you're talking to your target, white men, when it's not listed as a category
James     May 16, 2015

To clarify the black girls spending time with white men—who speak to me—are suburban. The ghetto girls say high and smile, and run there mouth at the bar and on the bus. The ghetto girls that I interviewed for The Logic of Steel, The Logic of Force, and When You're Food, I no longer have contact with, as I retired from the ghetto grocer biz, and now work out in the county. The only way for low end black chicks to really speak openly is to gain their trust at work, where they get to see you not being a back stabbing prick for an extended period.

Also, I am in one city, that may be unique in the fact that black women—at least publicly—are doing more violence to black men than the other way around. The exception is black women having black men kill rival black women.
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