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‘That Damn Accursed Silence’
The Vault by Joseph Freistuhler
2015, Ugli Studios Presents #3, pages 19-31
In The Vault, Joseph Freistuhler brings his stark pen and bleak mind’s eye into focus as a meteor plunges out of the sky into the landscape behind a stoic Neanderthal.
Ages later six American infantrymen—seemingly taken right out of the WWII TV show Combat—prowl through battleground Germany, looking for the secret Vault where the Nazis have hidden their gold. These GI’s are sick of the war, think they’ve paid too high a price already, and are looking for some payback, thanks to the treasure map provided by a German POW.
What begins as something reminiscent of the X-files, before morphing into a working class Kelly’s Heroes [the Clint Eastwood movie about American GI’s robbing a German bank], abruptly, with a footfall, turns into something so much more suited to Joseph’s unsettling talents.
The Vault should be made into a movie, a truly wicked comic that should be a motion picture story board.
With content of this caliber Ugli Studios should publish bi-monthly, and hopefully shall, sooner rather than later.
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