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Trump, Old Grumps & Latino Punks
© 2015 James LaFond
I was treated to a view of the Debate of Fools, in which the most unsavory candidates for Republican Resurrection were placed center stage. According to the press, the two major questions were abortion and the possible link of vaϲϲination to autism. That this is what the media and the people of this sick goddamned country think are important matters of statesmanship, tells me, that the nation is doomed, and well deserves the least competent head of state. The only thing, apparently, that matters, is what middle class white women are interested in, which, by definition cannot possibly be subjects worthy of debate by contenders beyond elementary school.
The big issue in Baltimore after the debates was Trump’s assertion that Baltimore has a Latino gang problem.
The fact is Baltimore has a black gang problem, though the news denied this along with the Latino gang charge. I suppose all of the 210 Baltimore gangs are Caucasian?
What are the facts?
Of the roughly 600,000 Residents of Baltimore, 45,000 are illegal aliens—which is significant. Although there has been some Latino-on-Latino killings and rapes, they have not troubled anyone outside their community, and crime in their community is the lowest in their economic strata.
I train a Mexican boxer, Rios, who has his green card, is legal, and is married to a Filipino-American girl.
His uncle was recently murdered in Mexico.
When he moved to the Washington D.C. suburbs of Maryland he was immediately attacked by three large black men, one of whom was armed with a bat. Rios took the bat swing on his left arm—suffering a bad bone bruise—and stabbed that goddamned negro through the forearm with a five inch gravity blade. When the blade of his knife ripped completely through the enemy arm, the other savages beat a hasty retreat.
After this incident, Rios was approached by three illegals who belonged to the Salvadoran-based gang MS-13. This gang has three purposes; conducting drug and prostitution crimes, extorting money from business owners, and the eradication of the black gangs that threaten Latinos in American cities. They told Rios he had to join their gang. Having moved to the U.S. to escape gang-based crime, he declined, and they attacked him. He knocked out the first one to step forward, and the others backed off, promising future retribution.
Since then Rios has moved to Baltimore in hopes that he could raise his family in peace, because, aside from some viciously violent pimps engaged in human trafficking in East Baltimore, Latino crime has failed to emerge as a factor in Harm City.
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