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Riding the Lie
The Week That Vomited in My Mind
© 2015 James LaFond
Over the past seven days I read six Baltimore Sun Headlines:
-2 were denials that a radicalized Islamic couple slaughtering Americans constituted Islamist terrorism
-2 were on lead paint consumption by poor fatherless blacks whose mothers take no responsibility for cleaning up peeling lead paint and then cash in six-figure law suit awards so they can dress up like reality TV stars.
-1 was on the Freddie Gray trial, a legitimate headline story
-1 was a profile of the Baltimore Heroin drug king pin from the 1960s who just passed away “marking the end of an era,” rendered in fawning prose that would have had one think that Willy Mays had just died
As proof that the festering enemy of our mind can be counted upon to refute its own lie if one is willing to dig and read the subtext, various stories buried deep within the Statist Rag of Record included:
-A story on Baltimore Area real estate short sells and foreclosures projected to continue rising through 2017
-A county cop being ambushed by a convicted felon and shot—non fatally—in the face. Cops accidentally killing a felon is world shattering news, but a felon ambushing and shooting a cop in the head gets three sentences on page 17? I am no fan of cops, but this is fanatically skewed coverage.
-A tentative admission that, while still not terrorism by any stretch, that last week’s machine gun attacks by radical Muslims could point to, well, something we’d rather not discuss…
Today, one of my relatives from Harford County called to tell me that “They just charged those three black boys who stabbed that girl to death in your neighborhood this summer.”
I responded, “Did the news broadcast [she doesn’t read the paper but watches local news] state that it was a stabbing, that there were three suspects?”
“Did they mention it was a heinous sex crime?”
“Do you want to know what happened?”
“One dude made a date with this girl. He came over after her grandmother went to work with four friends. They raped and tortured her. Then they strapped her to a chair and fucked her to death with the broken end of a broom handle, then set her on fire. They nabbed five dudes, and got two to flip on the others. You never ever get all the perps in mob violence cases as some are needed to testify against the others, so some always get away with the crime. It is built into the system.”
“That wasn’t in the news. How can you know such a thing?”
“Apparently firemen are not yet part of the Great Lie, and still let the Toxic Truth seep through to the rest of us. I’m sure this will be remedied in due course.”
There it is, just one of the many weekly windows on the fetid reality that is the Lie that is Civilization.
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Travolta     Dec 9, 2015

Headlines from Absurdistan.
Sidvic     Dec 9, 2015

Time to raise the black flag and start slittin throats....

Baltimore reference.
Ishmael     Dec 10, 2015

Conditioned well they are, Master Yoda.
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