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Three For the Record Books
Examples of Why Law Enforcement Data is Bogus
© 2015 James LaFond
Libertarians such as Stefan Molyneux, and right wingers such as Jared Taylor, are very fond of using the statistics collected, compiled and massaged by the servants of their morale antagonist—the Godless leviathan if you are Taylor, or the Religiosity leviathan if you are Molyneux—the State. Molyneux uses FBI stats to make the case that humans are becoming less violent, when those of us researching violence on the ground find the opposite. Taylor uses the same numbers to show the dominance of black on white violence, numbers that reflect less than 10% of the actual black on black violence.
Blow are three recent incidents from the Baltimore area reported in local papers [as the Baltimore Sun purposely neglects to report most crime]. What you have below is crime the way the police report it, and in the form it is gathered to generate the statistical perspective. I do hope that whatever Assistant State’s Attorney tries these cases will charge the suspects with more accuracy that the police reports, which I have seen ripped apart in court by astute lawyers as meathead cops standby and hang their head in shame.
1. A man entered the home of a woman and attacked her and the man she was sleeping with with a butcher knife. This was reported as a “fight.” Yes indeed c-list movie serial killers “fight” with doomed jocks going to take a leak all of the time.
2. At 1:50 in the afternoon an “unknown suspect” of undetermined race, gender and physical characteristics, armed with a gun forced its way into a home, took a set of car keys, tried to steal the victim’s car, then fled on foot. [No news if it was a biped or quadruped.] This is classified as a robbery, not a home invasion, as reported home invasions are the surest way to drive off a municipal tax base. Robberies are often assumed to be the fault of a witless victim, Miss Ellen walking her dog after the witching hour. Home invasion though, that smacks of the Big Bad Wolf.
3. Multiple employees at a cell phone store and a Chinese carry out were held at gunpoint and robbed by multiple assailants [3 at the carry out and 2 at the cell phone store]. One was reported as a robbery [no different from the man that was knocked over by a wallet snatcher on a Wal-Mart parking lot or the road rage idiot who was punched and had his cell phone taken on Joppa Road] while the other was reported as First Degree Assault?
Before police reports are even made, falsehoods are often inserted based on the command structure’s expectations. You do not want to be the cop in a municipality whose executive is struggling to bring in new home owners to sure up the tax base who reports the first “home invasion.”
Then there was my conversation with an FBI agent who told me that if he filed a report for every act of violence he was involved in that he’d spend Tuesday-Friday behind a desk documenting what a shit storm Monday was.
Yet few people seem to realize how unworkable this system is.
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