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Whites Evacuate Harm City at News of Mistrial
© 2015 James LaFond
With the news of the mistrial over at the courthouse, three of my friends, who work in downtown Baltimore, texted or called this afternoon that they had been sent home early from work, with their employers imploring them to use interstates to evacuate the expanding African American Ethical Zone.
The scapegoat on trial is a black pig that the prosecutors were hoping to use to hang and smoke some of the less melanin-rich pork accused of the crucifixion of Messiah Gray.
I should have known when the police chopper pulled away from Hamilton a few hours ago that things were going south.
I still doubt a riot.
However, there will be no police outside of the potential riot zone in the entire ten by ten miles of Harm City, and the eastern and western ghetto corridors into the County and everybody knows it.
This is a zombie apocalypse night and I will be armed when I head to work.
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Manny     Dec 16, 2015

Keep us updated. Give them the steel if they get too close.
Sam J.     Dec 16, 2015

I wish you luck. I'm going to be watching your blog and doesn't stop. I don't see how you stand the strain. You are one stubborn fellow but I'm sure you know that.
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