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‘How Could It Get Worse?’
A Car Ride Across Harm City with Andrew Metzger
There comes a time in every young driver’s life when they discover the true nature of their town. That time came for me when I had my pickup truck and was stuck in traffic on the Beltway [the I-695 loop around Baltimore] at Towson. I said, “Fuck this Beltway. I’ll drive down town on York Road and make a left when I hit the city center.”
It didn’t take long before I see adult black men loitering: in doorways, on sidewalks—and in the street. I was soon in a zone where I did not want to stop, or turn around, but thought, “How could it get worse?”
And it gets worse!
For miles I drive down this darkened city road as it gets ever more narrow and ever more menacing. Finally, when I think it just has to improve—I’m on Greenmount Avenue now, mind you, at two in the morning—I see a baby with no shirt toddling down the street! Naked babies on the street at night—I suppose he was going to buy his shit! All of a sudden I felt like I was in a Dave Chappelle skit.
This town is so fucked.
In every neighborhood I’ve been the discerning eye can plainly see that this city is a case of failure by design, as if some Cold War era analyst said, “Hey, boss, this is how we can reliably generate violent crime in any and every area of the city!”
This country is so fucked.
When scientists of the future look at us and all they find is the pre-poured shells of junky imported Chinese concrete and Styrofoam façade strip malls they will not be impressed. Our pottery shards are junk. Do you realize that the Chinese container ships have dropped so many containers across the Pacific that there is a bacteria that has literally bunny-hopped from Asia all the way across the Pacific? Sure, you might find a load of Barbie Dolls in one of those suckers. But all we have accomplished as a civilization is to erect a crumbling infrastructure and facilitate the spread of some bacteria.
It’s a great time to be a black guy. If I was a black guy there is no way that I would not be involved in crime. The only enemy of the black man is cops—that’s it, the rest of the world is your oyster. If I could change my race I would. And you, who already belong to the least courted demographic—the white man—decide that you want to declare yourself extinct? Jay, Neanderthals have no traction whatsoever—none. You’re on this ride with the rest of us. You might as well become vested—play the lottery, buy a power-ball ticket for God’s sake!
We are just beginning a hundred-year slide into disaster. All of our political and economic systems are geared toward producing the same problem, and we live in a world where we cannot discuss the problem in a socially acceptable context. You—Unabomber Dude—are the only person who I know with whom I can even discuss the fact that I live in a state of imminent predation, without being labeled a racist—good God, look at that [three innocent unarmed black men sitting hip to hip on the doorstep of a pizza carryout, completely blocking entrance or egress]. Whatever happened to the Italians?
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IshmaelJan 19, 2016

Age of pioneers. Age of conquest. Age of commerce. Age of affluence. Age of intellect. Age of decadence. Age of decline and the end of Empire. The greater the empire, the bigger the vaccum, beware the big "suck" Ishmael.
Sam J.Jan 21, 2016

I know this feeling exactly. I once for the hell of it decided to take up truck driving. So one time I had to deliver a load to New Orleans. I get there about one 0 clock in the morning and drive towards the drop place. Ow shit. I'm going into this neighborhood and it looks just like what you said. I'm really scared. Lots of ten year olds out on the streets with houses looking more like they've been bombed as I go deeper. I can't turn around it's an 18 wheeler. No room. I carried a gun in briefcase that could be locked. This is one of the two times I open the briefcase and set the gun beside me. I stop at a light and a kid looks like he's going to get on the truck. I vigorously tell him no. He doesn't. I keep going through the area and come to a big gate with barbwire everywhere. I talk to the guard and show him my delivery papers. He's not supposed to let me in or open the gates for any reason after dark but does when tell him I refuse to move from the gate. I could never live in a place like that. My nerves wouldn't last. I'm glad no one attacked me because I was scared. I would have shot them for sure. Probably still be in jail.

There's a solution to all this that very simple. Segregation. It works. All the thugs in free housing are placed in public built high rise housing away from the rest of us. Any one on the dole has to take birth control. Problem would sort itself out in a few generations.

It's either that and stopping immigration or Whites will be killed off.
responds:Jan 23, 2016

What a harrowing story, Sam J!

Things were much better in Baltimore before they took the highrise projects down. The low rise ghettos project more crime, and the section 8 housing is an outright attempt to spread crime to every neighborhood south of a an average six-figure income.
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