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‘Where is the Most Rape Danger?’
An Answer for Julian on Baltimore Rape and How to Prevent It
According to the FBI, most rapes are not reported, and all rapes are down since 1993. I have no idea how these two numbers coexist.
College rape alternately looks like an elaborate hoax or a vaginal holocaust, depending on the report cited.
Roughly a third of rapes take place in the home of the rapist, which means that was someone you know, unless they are a celebrity serial killer.
Roughly one quarter of rapes take place in the home of the victim, and are often stranger rapes, the most feared. [There is a separate category for rapes in a cohabitation zone.]
You will note that the area where most rapes are reported in Baltimore is the Northeast, where I live. I have not had sex with these women! This has to do with the fact that slightly more than half of the women are white and that black men from the Northeast and other areas do a lot of door kicking. The second highest area is the Southern district, home to upscale white women in their jogging prime. The ridiculous 2013 FBI stat, which will certainly be buried in the future, that had black on white interracial rapes to white on black rapes at about 13,000 to 2.5, comes to mind.
Where is the lowest incidence of rape?
With less than half the incidence of rape, the Northwestern and Southwestern—almost entirely black—districts hold the key to rape prevention:
1. You cannot rape the willing
2. 450-pound black women are hard to rape
3. When a 450-pound black woman rapes a 160-pound brutha, he is disinclined to report it!
So, Julian, the key is to wake op in the morning, look in the mirror and discover that you are now large, melanin enriched and in charge!
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