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‘What Do You Think of Libertarianism?’
A Man Question from Rob
“James, what do you think of Libertarianism, its pros and cons, for the masculine man who desires liberty?”
-Robert H.
Lets’ start with two pros and two cons:
Libertarians understand economics better than any other politically identified group, most of whom know less than nothing about the generation and transfer of wealth. Primarily, libertarian arguments are useful in talking sense into the more intelligent liberals.
Libertarians, unlike liberals and conservatives, understand that the State, or Government is its own entity, a living social organism that quickly grows more powerful than whatever political faction that seems to be in control of it. For instance, very few right-wingers realize, that by electing a strong leader to battle enemies overseas, that the result will be a stronger government, that, when it reverts cyclically to the control of left-wingers, will be that much more potent as an instrument of domestic oppression.
Conversely, the left-wingers fail to realize that when they employ government agencies to oversee private affairs at home, that those powers will inevitably by hijacked by predatory business interests and used to undermine the economic position of the common man.
Libertarians generally believe in and abide by the non-aggression principal, which renders the philosophy itself impotent in the cause of implementing its own principals.
Libertarians generally seem to believe that the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the U.S, were libertarians, when the majority of them were either bankers with monopolistic designs or slave masters seeking to wring more profit from their chattel. The actual libertarians of the Revolutionary Era were those escaped and released white slaves who headed into the Ohio Country to escape the plantation economy and the natives they battled against.
And, for the tie breaker, it goes to the cons. Libertarianism is a purely materialistic view of life, which appeals predominantly to atheists. Atheists, however, tend to be drawn to collective worship of the human cause, to save and extend every life at all costs, and generally abhor libertarians. What is more, libertarianism ultimately comes to a point of agreement with the left, regarding the body as more important than the mind, the material world more sacred than the transcendent. For instance, in his otherwise very good audio article, The Truth About Slavery, Stefan Molyneux, the foremost libertarian spokesperson today, declared that escaping from or fighting against enslavement made no sense to American blacks during the plantation era, as they were assured better shelter and food in chains than on the run! The problem with all materialistic philosophies and ideologies is that they lead to such sell-out conclusions, a chief taking glass beads to disinherit his grandchildren, a slave dying in chains rather than in combat, a tribe giving up its identity for t-shirts, a nation throwing away its ideals for the cause of obesity.
Lastly, libertarian views may only be understood by the rational human mind. So, when competing with sentimental conservatism and collective liberalism, with the identity-based right and security-based left, a libertarian view can only hope to appeal to the tiny minority of intelligent people. Public education and the media have essential disabled the vast majority of Americans from comprehending views more complex than a snack-food commercial.
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guestMar 8, 2016

To paraphrase The Z Man:

"Libertarianism is a convenient hiding place for people unwilling to take on the Left. If you reject central planning of the national economy, but are afraid to be called bad things by the local lunatics. In the culture war, libertarians will never go over the top and will, once in a while, turn their weapons on their comrades. You just can’t trust them to fight."
responds:Mar 8, 2016

He's right, of course.
Sam J.Mar 11, 2016

Libertarianism is just another -ism that young White Men use to count how many angels fit on the top of the head of a pin while they are destroyed.

Trump seems to be moving along very well. A few days from now may put the stake in the "systems" heart. He could either save the country or become a dictator. Hard to tell but all other options are a slow steady drip of death.

The people at the top are involved in serious, deep, corruption. Including false flag attacks. The big one being 9-11. Trump could, if he can survive and has the balls, put a vast amount of them in jail and worse defund them. They're shiting bricks. Romney was involved in a lot of business take overs where they borrowed money to buy a company and took unbelievable "fees" in turn. Exactly the same as the mob does when they take over a company and rake up the debt before it goes under. Without the establishments muscle to overlook this they would all be in jail.

I think most people have come to the conclusion that even if Trump is not perfect that burning the whole damn thing down is preferable to this slow suicide while the people on the top cash out.
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