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Armed Pedestrian in Northeast: 2003-06
Majority, Age 30-52: Aggression Action Sites
This following period began with the separation from my wife, my brief, month-long homeless period, and my moving in with Ajay in the County north of Baltimore city. I was training all the time, sparring all over town almost every day, and usually had a helmet, sticks and dull machetes in my hands, with amazing results, people either stayed away from me, or sought my company.
82. 2003, Dundalk Community College, day: I was challenged and threatened by a platoon of police cadets, while giving boxing lessons to a woman—20-30 white cops.
83. 2003, My wrist severely sprained and wrapped, I was threatened by two white youths while walking up Holabird past Master Grosscup’s dojo, to visit my son on a Wednesday. I remember drawing my razor with my left and do not recall how this ended other than with no words and no contact.
Aggressions by Type
Encounters: 2
Hierarchal: 1
Horizontal: 1
Heretical: 0
Interracial: 0
Group Involved: 2
Weapon involved: 1
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