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A Brief Definition of American Royalty
Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail by Matt Taibbi
© 2013 James LaFond
A finance student just emailed me a link to the Rolling Stone article from March 14 2013 cited in the subtitle above.
Mister Taibbi has an aggressive profanity-laced writing style that is a breath of fresh air compared to what newspapers regurgitate in their three-tiered zombie narrative that has evolved to obscure the truth. After reading a news report this is like going from being whispered to about a big dirty secret on a loud city street, to being slapped in the face at the urinal in the men’s room and having the news spoken clearly into your face.
The article is straight forward and does not take the reader through the investigative process or deep into the U.S. financial back story. To get that, view Zeitgeist Addendum, reviewed on this blog below. Matt begins by likening Bank of America to a welfare baby turned problem teenager, which is a spot-on metaphor. He notes many parallels to spoiled children coddled by indulgent parents, up to an including a forty year old man living in his parent’s basement, parents who seem not to connect their son with the dead hookers buried in the backyard.
Matt Taibbi is right on when he equates this bank to a parentally subsidized serial killer and the U. S. Government to criminally over-indulgent parents. Bank of America ruins lives, crushes dreams and kills hopes thousands of times a week. [It is my belief that American and multinational banks are designed for this very purpose.] This bank holds 12% of U. S. bank deposits and 17% of mortgages in its greedy insolvent paws.
The entire fiasco begins to reek of something out of Robber Baron Ruled Europe, and again, Matt is spot on with the crowning analogy; royalty. Pointing out that America’s ruling class of criminal bankers are incompetent, enrich themselves at the expense of the poor and the elderly, and are above the law, he draws the only historical parallel that makes sense, that these scumbags are our kings.
In a nation that worships the dollar, ironically engraved with the image of the commander-and-chief who declined to be crowned king, who else would rise above the law like medieval royals, but those who control the debt notes that we so covet in our pursuit of Material Nirvana?
Check it out. Matt Taibbi is a fun informative read.
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