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Your Trojan Whorse On The Way
Print Title 2016-10
© 2016 James LaFond
This landmark manual of advice for the man caught up in the feminist reality of the modern dating scene is slated for publication this coming week. Monday will be devoted to the completion of Your Trojan Whorse. Unfortunately, and as much as the author would like to continue to give readers a reason not to buy his books, due to potentially offensive subject matter and the fact that my mother has been reading on the site, the following chapters will only be available in the print editions:
1. The Tao of Dope Dick Jones, a transcript from an interview with a male escort
2. Care and feeding of your auxiliary brain, that's right, an equipment maintenance manual for the organ that really makes your decisions
3. Dealing with whores
4. Screwing the manizer
5. Recognizing and handling slave girls
6. Attracting, identifying and building a temple for your priestess
7. Walking Away, on not killing her once you find out she's just a bitch
On Bitches
Never fear, advice on this perennial subject shall continue to flow as the sequel, On Bitches continues to carry the torch of manliness into the pink-shrouded night of femininity...
‘Nothing but His Wits and Muscles’
Why Robert E. Howard?
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guest     Apr 3, 2016

Make sure to email review copies around the manosphere.

To sites like vox day, heartiste...

So it doesn't fly under the radar!

"The manosphere is a name given to a loose and informal network of blogs, websites, and internet commentators that focus on issues relating to men and masculinity"
Bernie Hackett     Apr 3, 2016

Auxiliary brain! Migawd! The hits just keep happening!

Wish I had money, I'd be your patron, here at the court of Hackett the Unwise.
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