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‘Once You Get on the Bus’
Old White Dude Attacked by black people on bus. No big deal.
“Even more chilling is the video in the elevator Colin adds at the end. The woman had to deal with a far more dangerous attacker then the white man/punching bag. Even Colin does not feel too sorry for him.”
-Mescaline Franklin
A fair number of white men who use mass transit have health and neurological conditions that prevent them from either earning enough money to buy a car or defend themselves. The way he is standing, letting someone under his chin, was a flag that he could be taken down with no risk.
Briefly, if I get threatened like this on the bus, I will stab every human being on that bus at least once, and they will be rip cut stabs, difficult to stitch. I’ve run it through my head hundreds of times on the bus. I can stick thirty people in 25 seconds, not a problem.
Look at the second video in the last 25 seconds and you will see the body language that denotes a setup attack. No white woman should be alone in urban America. Beyond that, this happens to men too. Study this film and visualize punching his ear in and then smashing him into the wall, pinning his right hand. It will always be the right hand. Keep it from coming out of the pocket, because there may be something in it. Once he is immobilized keep wrestling for that knife. Don’t use the knife on him, but continue to attack his hand, snapping off his fingers between your hands and if you begin losing control of his hand poking and gouging his eyes.
Note that this is a racist attack, with no robbery motive, simply an attempt to gut a white person.
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ScotApr 7, 2016

Let's say I'm the victim at the beginning of the video and I want to punch the attackers ear from that position: should it be a fist coming around to hit the ear canal square on or a hard open palm slap with full strength covering the whole ear?
responds: Apr 7, 2016

The palm does additional sonic impact to the inner ear and offers a control option, palming that watermelon while you drop a knee on it, for instance.
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