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The Nods
At the End of Time After Party
© 2016 James LaFond
Readers have asked me why the 40% of Baltimore that is Caucasian does not seem willing or able to combat the aggression of the Harm City goon squads that prowl the streets of the urban wasteland and the suburban promised land.
I went out today and interviewed Cecil, a recovering heroin addict, which you may find in the next chapter. The problem is Caucasians in Baltimore are doing one of three things:
1. Working their ass off as individuals in the fractured social matrix that is designed to make lone victims of us all.
2. Cowering in fear from their brawny and youthful oppressors, having been conditions since babyhood to hold blacks as super athletes and depend on the police for protection, most whites are peculiarly incapable on a physical or psychological level, of defending themselves against the people that the former conservative matrix declared owned all things physical. Not familiar with black urban culture, must whites do not realize that most black men are mental basket cases who dry at the drop of a hat and are as physically effeminate as their white counterparts, playing the same video games and raised according to a louder, ruder version of the same feminist ethos.
3. They are dissipating according to their class: playing video games, enjoying fine dining and microbrew beer, getting immersed in porn, joining swingers clubs or doing drugs in their many varieties, foremost among them heroin, the ultimate black lotus of apathy. There are so many heroin addicts in Baltimore that two in every ten white adults over 30 has that hollow dead tone to their voice that is the life time mark of heroin.
The Nods
The Nods are the street name of a local Hamilton family of paleface Caucasoidal apes of the inferior type.
Mother Nod is a heroin addict of about 40, who looks 60 and leads her brood around in a drooling clutch behind her leathery mask of dissipation. She uses her food stamps to buy sodas and doughnuts.
Brother Nod is 21, like his mother, a smack head, drooling, nodding, and using his EBT card to cash in at 50-cents on the dollar at the grocery store for money to buy is drugs.
Sister-in-law Nod, is Brother Nod’s girlfriend, who came into town from posh Harford County to life the heroin life and spends Moneygram transfers from her parents to keep the needle hot.
Sister Nod is 15, and has been a heroin addict since 12, trained by her mother in the art of scrounging for smack, smoking discarded cigarette butts, blowing Mexican construction workers for quarters, etc.
Today, as I stood outside of the Pakistani liquor store counting my money they all four stood before me drooling and nodding, their four brains seemingly linked in a telepathic attempt to conclude if it could be taken. I started at them and they all four shook as if they were one plant like organism recoiling from a weed whacker and staggered along out of y way.
If I were king I’d use them to grease the CSX railway.
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Sam J.     Apr 20, 2016

I had a friend whose parents came from Italy who I talked to frequently about the decline of the US and I would comment that if we just did this or that we could come back. I also say the same thing here but something he said to me when I gave one of my, we can come back, speeches haunts me. He said,"Rome didn't".

I've begun to suffer from constant anxiety worrying about this sort of thing. I probably should just stop looking at the net and take up something useful.

I've gotten so cynical that at first I thought Trump would be the one but I kinda, sorta believe he may be another dark horse leading us down to wrong path. Not that I'm in any way sure of this. Think about it. It really is Hitler time in the US. Before Hitler attacked Poland he did a great deal for the Germans. They were selling the sexual services of 12 year old boys and girls in the streets. Communists (Jews) had taken over whole regions and were shooting people right and left. He put a stop to that. So now we're at the point we need someone like that. Could be instead of Trump being a free agent the same agents that haunted Hitler are just providing us with one they control this time. Ouch. You'll know that's the case if they blame Bush and maybe the Saudi's for 9-11 but leave out the Jews. Also you'll know that's the case if they do nothing about 9-11. If that happens be very careful. We'll be in for a serious whacking of the populous. Dictator time for sure.
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