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More Eirik Bloodaxe Via Kindle
Prepper Press Releases Zombie Apocalypse: Barbarians, Blades and Blood in the New Dark Age
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Eirik, whose real name is Woden Nord Hammer, just emailed me to let the readers know that his second volume is up. Based on my reading of the manuscript he sent me, Volume Two is more about dealing with the Zombie hordes, whereas Volume One is essentially an explanation that the brain eaters are already among us.
Eirik has been busting his old Aussie ass on this, and it was already a major treasure in its raw form. So, based on his e-proofs, I’m recommending them.
As soon as my son downloads one of these kindle versions for me I’ll review that.
Eirik, I can hardly believe this shit but the A-10 ground attack aircraft based at Martins Airfield are running at helicopter height over my humble abode—might the zombies already be massing?
Seriously, Uncle Bernie, if you’re reading from your chair at the aviation museum, why the hell are these iron jockey’s running so low over Hamilton—and more importantly, why are they not dropping their ordinance on this shithole!
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