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‘His Beautiful Lips’
Politicians Box While Bonesmokers Give Rainbow Commentary
© 2016 James LaFond
“Here's Justin Trudeau, then a Canadian MP, now their PM, whooping the shit out of a Canadian Senator in the ring. As much as I dislike the dude and his yapping about our settlements, I have to say that I can't see any other Western leader displaying this level of masculinity.”
Thanks for this video link, B.
Politicians should all have to fight in the ring.
The prime minister has eaten so many overhand rights because he is not keeping a hand span jab.
The meatball senator is gassing because he threw all power punches and did not set them up with the jab.
At 6:30 the meatball does some good body jabbing. If he had started like this and then lifted the chin with a jab before throwing the overhand right, our Fair prince would have been on the floor, no doubt being revived by the color commentator. Overall the superiority of straight in line punches over angular punches is clearly demonstrated in what is not that bad for an amateur bout.
Just before 8:00 the prime minister throws a nice jab that would have been more effective and could have been doubled if it had been thrown from a hand span—who is that Negro in his corner?
A karate instructor!
At 8:15 Meatball gets in trouble and could have turned the fight around at this point if he was not so in love with his big Italian biceps and just thudded home some straight punches to the body of the head of state.
By 9:00 the head of state is relaxed enough that he is dropping his guard, which is good, because his guard sucks and dropping his lead gives him his hand span and he starts laying in stiff jabs. His tight cross is also good—and let’s try to forget his short-bus shoeshine while he had the meatball on the ropes and the girly body punches—it was embarrassing.
The replay at 10:15 shows a text book right cross, as a lead, a pro quality shot. If Putin will fight him, I’ll work his corner. What makes it a cross is it crosses over the opponent’s lead before hitting him.
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B    Jun 1, 2016

Politicians should not have to fight in the ring. They should be hamstrung and thrown into an alligator pit.
responds: Jun 2, 2016

Agreed, but only after they fight one of their noxious creations in a cage—a top of the line, Tommy Sotomayor authenticated, BT-1100!
Jeremy Bentham    Jun 8, 2016

"Half of the art of boxing is being in good enough shape to throw punches the whole fight." - Sean O'Grady, Former Lightweight Boxing Champion, USA Network Tuesday Night Fights.
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