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‘The Optimistic Futurist’ Francis Koster: Rescuing Your Local Economy
© 2016 James LaFond
First the concept of "micro-business" pretty much tells you that we've scaled up grotesquely.
I find most of Chris’ podcasts snoozeworthy but loaded with solid information. This one fits the mold. It is odd to listen to an environmentalist talking good business sense and that is what Peak prosperity is about: addressing economics within the context of other systems, which is essentially heresy in our age. The best portion, at 22 minutes in, of this podcast , I found to be the description of what we generally think of as small business, but is in fact far below the accepted threshold in the globalist age. At 26 minutes the seafood news is horrific. This is the quite quarter od survival, and Chris' approach is probably more applicable than all of the guns, bunkers and separatism dialogue online.
Since you can’t take out the globalists with a sing shot, you can at least withhold your money and effort as you drop back in to the real world out of the insanity of the global soy-brain.
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