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Why Don't You Commercialize the Site?
I Agree with Sid Vic, You Should be Making Money, Why Not use Advertisers?
© 2016 James LaFond
"Look, James, you have more unique visitors than the site I write for and that is without trying to get readers. You're just writing. This dude is paying three writers—is making Money on the advertising."
It's simple Oliver, Charles and I both hate commercial sites. If I go to a site and ads start to pop up, I can't get off of it quick enough. B recently sent me a link that seemed fascinating, but it was to the British Daily News, like the most commercial site there is. I waited for five seconds and then got out of there. Takimag, the newspaper sites—I hate them all, and Charles feels the same way. I cannot have a site that I hate going to.
It's that simple.
For the first two years Charles paid for the site. Since then purchases from our ebook store and donations have paid for the site expenses, bought two fencing masks, 20 fighting sticks and about thirty books.
There is also the fact that Fred Reed lost his Google ad money for anti-feminist comments and Counter Currents for anti-Semitic books. I would loose these revenues immediately. And If I went the route Manuel did with advertising for Asian and Eastern European girlfriends, I would never get any writing done when I got to the site and ended up sidetracked admiring the eye-candy...
If you would like to put some money in my pocket so that hoodrats will have a productive reason for threatening me at the bus stop, then just look me up on amazon via the link below and buy a book.
Thanks to all of our readers who have supported the site through purchases and donations for the past five years. This heathen feels blessed.
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