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Dinduology #3
On the Dinduball Court
Nottingham is the very picture of soulless, postmodern America:
prefabricated town homes, McMansions, strip malls with 100% national chains operating in bustling profusion, paved sidewalks with wheelchair ramps along every street, regular bus service provided by the #58, and #35, with a commuter bus shuttle stop from Harford County, five minute interstate access to I-95 and the second largest movie theater in Maryland, at The Avenue.
But over the past year, violent crime and burglary rates have surged with a huge influx of Baltimore City residents. Some of these new arrivals are fatherless welfare families with section 8 vouchers. But most of the new arrivals are fleeing the ghettos of Baltimore City via the #35 bus line, which serves Franklin Square hospital and the adjacent Community College. The typical family unit has two to three earners, one a mother and the other two either adult children or a boyfriend of the mother or adult daughter.
Last year Mantrell moved out to Nottingham with his mother, who works at Franklin Square Hospital down the street. At 19 he is enrolled in Baltimore County Community College and works at one of the shops at The Avenue at White Marsh, an easy walk or five minute drive from his mother’s large town home. Being out in the county is so much better than being in the city. He can actually—well could—walk around without getting jacked like he always did around Perkins Homes when his mother worked at Hopkins. However, Mantrell has a car. Things are—sorry, were—were going good.
Mantrell figured he’d take advantage of the mild, mid-June, weekday afternoon and stop by the community basketball court to shoot some hoops before heading into work. In Baltimore City boxing gyms have always been safer places for young men than basketball courts, but this is the suburbs!
There were some dudes playing on the court and as he was walking in, three younger dudes—still in high school—stepped up to him and demanded everything he had. One of them was a big, mean dude, so he handed over his cash out of his wallet –this was cool, that they didn’t demand his license and cards—and his keys and phone. He thought they were going to take his phone and his car, but they smashed the phone and keys and left them with him. The other dudes on the court just went about their business so he walked home, got his spare keys, had his mom bring him up to get his car, then he called the cops and filed a report when they came out to speak with him. The episode made him late for work.
Dindu Behaviors
1. Dindus know that few bystanders will aid the victim or speak to the cops.
2. Basketball courts are the best place to jack someone, because the hip hop code of silence reigns amongst basketball players. Never move into an area that has a functional basketball court. If a basketball court is installed in your community, remove the hoops and nets. Most players will go elsewhere.
3. When Dindus move into a new hunting zone they seek out prey that resembles them, so that they might wet their fangs on easy kills as their eventual victims look the other way. Also, attacking non criminals who have been indoctrinated into the urban code of silence, is an ideal risk limiting strategy.
4. Phones and keys will be taken by intelligent Dindu foot patrols [the keys especially if you are black, as you might have a gun in your car] to discourage you from pursuing or shooting them and preventing a timely call to police or friends.
5. Black men, keep in mind that Dindus put more thought into attacking you than they do into attacking whites, who are assumed to be easy prey. You should use this in your avoidance strategy, beginning with leaving the Dinduball courts alone. Also, keep in mind that most cops will run a check on you for warrants before they even take down your description of the criminals.
Thriving in Bad Places
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