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The White Stranger
Melissa and Tammy in Dindustan
© 2016 James LaFond
Early July, 2016, 2:20 p.m., Parkville, Baltimore County, Maryland
Melissa and Tammy were walking across White Oak toward Loch Raven Boulevard to get a snowball at the stand in front of the 7-11 when there was a shout.
“White girl!” came from behind them as four Dindu breeders, in that agitated state just before being fertilized with their first Dindu hatchling, walked hard to overtake them, repeating, “White girl!”
Melissa shielded Tammy, who was small and petite, as the four Dindu breeders—being joined by two Dindu fertilizer drones who were crossing the street—fanned out threateningly, jutting out their jaws and glaring as their leader said, “Give it up, white girl,” as she pointed at Tammy’s smart phone.
At that moment an evil shadow was cast upon the bucolic scene, when a vile oppressor, a bald, bearded, white man, who for some insane reason—obviously his ass was insane yo!—did not quiver in fear at the sight of Dindu aggression. This cruel interloper, utterly failing to respect the centuries of suffering endured by these innocent Dindus, inflicted on them by people who looked vaguely like Tammy and Melissa, appeared to be walking to his car from an adjacent house, but stopped behind Melissa and Tammy and looked calmly at the assembled Dindu dignitaries.
With a shudder, Melissa and Tammy bunched together, fearing that this evil man might do something that could get them in even more Dindu trouble. However, neither he nor the Dindus advanced—nor did he continue to his car, but simply stood, silently, with keys in hand, smiling at the two fertilizer drones, who nodded to him, to each other, and then said to the lead Dindu breeder, “Yo, lez go.”
With a hard swallow and a jerky nod of her well-coifed head, the lead breeder and her three raider-maids reluctantly gave up their quest for Justice—a winged angel of righteous retribution yet barely fluttering beyond their reach—turned on their heels and began walking back east, in the direction they had come, shadowed by their two fertilizer drones who kept to the street, walking just off the curb in their escort role.
Melissa and Tammy looked at the man, looked at each other, and became fearful of his intentions and hurried on past him, having learned the salient lesson that sometimes, in Dindustan, one evil might save a victim from another evil. The fact that the stranger had looked directly into the eye of an apex predator in their world and had not backed down, obviously meant he was a serial killer—a rapist at least! They picked up their pace and walked as quickly as they could to the snowball stand as the creepy man got into his car and followed them, looking at them while he idled at the traffic light, and not leaving them alone until they were finally sheltered under the protective umbrella of the snowball stand.
The Taboo Masculine
I did not interview Melissa and Tammy, and in fact made their names up. One is a small, tanned, blonde girl, the other a slightly overweight brunette. The account was had from a motorist that witnessed what he thought was a crime in progress and then kept an eye on the situation until the people he perceived as the targets of a violent crime appeared to be safe among adults of their own kind. The entire time he was conscious of the apparent fear the two white girls had for him and surmised that they had been raised by single mothers who had coached their girls on the evil attentions of men. He felt somewhat sickened by the experience of being so feared by the girls—that they regarded him more fearfully then the male aggressors did, and the fact that the female aggressors had no fear of him, but seemed to simply acknowledge him as a temporary obstacle to achieving their goals—put him in a kind of “culture shock.”
In a real society, in an intact culture, this man would have felt morally justified in speaking with the parents of the girls, at the very least. But in a world where every white man is a rapist or serial killer, this is not possible. It is significant that no TV show or movie made since 2008 [find one and put the link in the comments section below] would depict the hunters in this situation as an aggressor type, but that weekly TV shows and most movies constantly bombard Americans with the message that white men abduct, rape and kill white women and girls at epidemic levels, when, in fact, the overriding instinct among all American men that I have worked and trained with is to protect all women from aggression.
TV and movies provide the postmodern mythology that was once provided by myth, religion and ethnic iconography, informing the perception of our fellow citizens. It is bizarre that our current myth of the ravaging, multi-murdering, rapist white man is so vastly divergent from the reality as to make casual aid between strangers living in close proximity into a threat. In the current climate, any woman who would have [probably with much verbiage] done the same thing this man did would have been hailed as a media hero for a three minute news segment, where he was immediately feared by those he had casually aided.
Masculine myth makers, including the poets of ancient times and the adventure writers I grew up reading, such as Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard and Louis L'Amour, traditionally sketch a set of behavioral expectations for young men to emulate. In our current society, such mythmaking has now been in the hands of women and emasculated males of a docile, handwringing type for over a generation. Such mythmakers glory in the parasitic metaphor of the vampire and the parasitic actuality of the law enforcer and politician to arrive at a scolding form of mythology that excuses complaisance and denies the free will so exemplified by the heroes of legend, history and fiction that once informed a masculine mythos that supported human culture.
The story of Melissa and Tammy and The White Stranger exposes 21st Century America as an anti-heroic society, a society which Robert E. Howard, preeminent author of heroic pulp fiction [1926-36] predicted in his story, Vulture’s Roost, unsold in his life time. In this taut, western adventure, the female lead in the story rushes to the aid of a back-shooting criminal who is being beaten by a working man he tried to murder. Taking the murdering criminal’s side and regarding the hyper-masculine working man as a monster out of some monstrous age, the law-abiding woman aligns herself with the emasculated criminal. That story echoed like a great bell in this reader's mind as he read it in a gym two blocks from the scene of The White Stranger, in a municipality currently being overrun by state-sanctioned, media-supported aggression of the meanest type, in a world where training men to fight—the ancient currency of heroes—has accounted for a greater portion of my pariah status than my anti-authoritarian beliefs.
It is a certainty that a tribe without heroes is dead, and that a culture without internal cohesion is doomed. But a society in which mutual aid is taboo and masculinity itself is a clear sign of evil intent, a society in which heroic status is granted to passive victims and in which real men are an object of deepest distrust, what kind of society is that?
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Nero The Pict     Jul 9, 2016

The last movie I can think of that portrayed a lone white male in such a role was Gran Torino. Particularly this scene which in some ways is accurate in regards to black aggression toward those outside of their community (and a highly realistic portrayal of wiggers in action). Thing is it was safer to portray a group of aggressive black males than the female analogue that you described in your action report :

Alas, you are correct 2008 was the date of Gran Torino's release. The movie has some flaws...but in my mind might be one of the last films produced by Hollywood that actually portrays White Men as men and not bumbling retards/or evil etc. It also shows how the bonds of masculinity can transcend race and ethnic lines.

One more thing to think about in regards to the Parkville crime wave. Remember not all of that long ago 10-15 years ago there were what?? Three maybe four gun shops on Harford Road. Now their are none. Christian Soldier shut down a year or two ago and Just Guns roughly in the same time frame. That to me is a sign. The commissars in Anapolis want you to be sheep to the slaughter for the Dindu horde. At least the teddy bear and candle salesmen will be making money from all of those stupid ass shrines that will magically start blossoming in the 21234 area code over the next few years.
James     Jul 10, 2016

The Christian Soldier gun shop is now a Hallal meat market!

Valley Gunshop is, I think, now a bedding supply store. they used to have the entire strip with a range downstairs.
JR     Jul 9, 2016

A Tikkun Olam society.
PR     Jul 10, 2016

I think if you had on a collared shirt youd've get a better reaction. It shouldn't have to be so, but it is.

Obviously those girls had no fathers in the household. No father would let their daughter go alone or with a friend to a 7-11. 7-11s are owned by immigrant creeps and patronized by dindus and other yoof. Daughters of single mothers are often molested by their mothers' loser boyfriends also, so they are conditioned to be afraid of older men for that reason. From their perspective, they were truly between a rock and a hard place. No one looks out for them.
James     Jul 10, 2016

You are right on here. I have interviewed over a dozen women who have been attacked or molested by the boyfriends of their single mothers. It is almost 100% among blacks, and many black boys are raped as well.

I did recently speak with one woman whose mother looked out for her in this regard, and who did not date while her girls were minors. I also once dated a woman who was just getting back to looking for a man, after her daughter left the house. She would never risk bringing a man home with a teenage daughter in the house. It seems to be the worst thing about the single mother household.
Lynn     Jul 10, 2016

Single mom's boyfriends are the single biggest source of every kind of child abuse and mortal danger to children. These crimes are often reported vaguely to give the impression that the abuser is the child's father, adding to the suspicions against the average father.
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