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‘The Five Block Rule’
Jeremy Bentham Holds James’ Feet to the Urban Geographic Fire
© 2016 James LaFond
Just out of morbid curiosity James, what is the current status of the Upper Fells Point neighborhood? I see Fells Point is in the Blue Zone on the Baltimore Travel Guide. Is Upper Fells Point in “transition”?
Ah, yes, Jeremy. I see you failed to read the disclaimer!
The five block rule states that if you are within five blocks [the distance a snickers bar will get a hoodrat with a hammer from point black to point white] of a red zone, you are never safe outside of your barred condominium. The blue zone really means that the people that live there will not attack you.
The yellow zone is generally safer as there are tough people living there and Dindu patrols avoid tough targets.
Oh, a close look at most upscale [blue] zones within Baltimore areas will show that they are next to red zones and that they are not more than five blocks deep!
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Jeremy Bentham     Aug 3, 2016

My bad James! Thanks much for the clarification. You have no doubt saved me from possibly coming to grief in the future due to having greatly underestimated the distance one needs to keep between himself and dindu restitution recovery agents. Clearly I was mired in the "one block" paradigm of the now distant past, wherein one was safe from predation if one simply stayed on his side of the street.

Overall you raise an excellent point James: even safe neighborhoods and communities are not completely safe from dindu predation. It is actually worse than we might imagine now. Here in the Midwest we have noticed that dindu restitution recovery agents will on occasion travel great distances, not unlike Comanche raiders of the frontier days, to hit attractive targets in unaware white communities.

In a case I am personally familiar with a dindu drove over 70 miles from a midsized city to a remote rural area to rob and murder a 60-something white farmer who lived alone and made moonshine. Apparently the dindu believed said moonshiner had his mattress stuffed full of money. One must assume the dindu murdered the unfortunate farmer in order to leave no witnesses to the crime. The murder seemed unnecessary and gratuitous since the reason one targets people engaging in illegal enterprises for robbery is because they won't call the cops for fear of incriminating themselves. Plus dindus always regard whites selling illegal substances to be soft targets who won't fight back and won't seek revenge (as you yourself have observed James). One wonders how these dindus acquired their target intelligence given how far away they resided from their intended prey. In the case of the murdered moonshiner the dindu got his intel from the mudshark local woman he was shacked up with in the mid-sized city. One must surmise that such medium to long distance raids into whitebreadistan will become more frequent as the dindus pick all the low hanging fruit in the inner cities and should the economy take a severe downturn. Once again, thanks much for the intel and the safety tips James!
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