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‘An Intellectually Lazy Trap’
Why Do Black People Commit More Crime? By Sargon of Akkad
One huge oversight in this is the gang structure in U.S. society, which is stated as being 35.soemthing percent for blacks and 11.something percent for whites. Now, I am drunk. But can ad 36 +12 to come up with 48A% which is less than half of the nation. So the big story is that the 30some percent of Latinos make of about 50% of organized criminals and the blacks and whites don’t see it unless they are getting run out of town on the ground. Currently, every single American question is framed as a black versus white struggle even as both lose numbers and influence to brown and yellow. Even at its ugliest America is nothing more than the big false-dichotomy show.
Between 15:10 and 22 the narrator admits to having no data for validation even as he makes the best argument of the presentation, an argument tat is painfully obvious to all and was clearly obvious to the men who voted in the Welfare state, all of them white and wealthy.
This is my first listen to Sargon of Akkad, and I must say, that based solely on his citation, the channel is worth it.
As Andrew Webstar Metzger recently commented to me concerning certain white liberals from rural Pennsylvania being certain of immunity from black criminality while in Baltimore by simply not ‘doing dumb stuff” I’d like to see this genius bent over in the middle of Northern Parkway [the crime line across much of Baltimore] with a condom dangling from his ass. This fellow is informatively inquisitive and would be eaten alive in the actual situations he qualifies and quantifies.
The closing remarks are patently idiotic and ignore the monetary incentive to continue the matriarchal family structure,
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