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A Walk through Outer Babylon
On Mescaline Franklin’s pedestrian tour of The Evening Land
© 2016 James LaFond
Going for one of my summertime walking jaunts through Outer Babylon, I marveled at how much certain ‘ethnic zones’ had changed. They have increased the percentage of their inhabitants to close to 90% and these areas could no longer be considered ‘American’ in any sense of the word. Sure the infrastructure is still of European design but it is akin to a concrete skeleton, rotting stone cities with new inhabitants.
These are the more functional immigrants, one who can maintain a running society to some degree. Using words like inferior or shabby miss the point entirely, they are not ‘us’. ‘We’ are not even ‘us’ to a large degree anymore, but I digress. To say they are unwanted is not entirely accurate. They were wanted by those in power and the rest of us were asleep, soft and too cowardly to do anything about it.
Remember the contract you signed citizen? You were going to get a half century of ‘prosperity and safety’ for the sacrifice of the ‘Greatest Generation’. That it emasculated you and broke your family apart was in one of the clauses. Oh, you didn’t read that part? Oh well, too bad.
Many of these younger inhabitants take to the worst excesses of materialist global consumer culture and are all ready overweight at age five. The ones from the higher culture (okay, Asians) are already producing children who are not like their more traditional and hardier grandparents.
They are becoming Americans. The citizens of that sacred piece of dirt, the country which is the Anti-Europe and destroyer of ALL traditions. Including their own traditions.
But I cannot cry for others, I can barely muster tears for my own. Speaking of which...
The few palefaces I see anymore are old, fat, walking with an unsteady gait and trying to ignore the whole thing with a sort of quiet desperation. You can sometimes see the new inhabitants staring at them with a kind of contempt or sneer. Most of the time they don’t even acknowledge them as anything more than background scenery.
I on the other hand inspire other feelings, because of my relative youth and demeanor. I have always been around Asians and Hispanics, being far more comfortable around them then the old timers ever could. I also make it clear that I will not take their shit or tolerate their rudeness and I look like I can do something more than just complain about it or call the useless police.
Senor, putting your hand in your pocket does not scare me. I merely smile and put my hand in my pocket too. I assure the readers that I only have my keys in them as I am a law abiding citizen (if now an unwanted one) after all.
The problem is that I also seem to inspire the same feelings of mistrust and wariness in the aforementioned palefaces. This is the whole “Bowling alone”[1] effect in real time. In areas of cultural diversity, cohesion decreases within groups. I actually do not see that in these new immigrants but it seems to be the case for the historic European and African American populations.
This mistrust of my edgy appearence is slowly fading along with the white population. I am now, after an initial glare, more welcome in the ‘old man’ bars then in my youth. These are the remnant of the white working class and all union guys. Yes, they all support Trump, by the way, but are implicit about it, no bumper stickers or signs on their front porch. It is now acceptable in this country to attack people and vandalize property because of the candidate you choose to support.
This is what America is now. It was made that way by importing all of the aforementioned newcomers. That was the whole damn purpose of it.
Near the end of my jaunt, where I passed drunks lying in the curb and homeless day laborers drinking Tecate in the bushes, I saw an old Pub that I never drank in before. I just never got around to it. After walking ten miles I decided to get a cold one and entered the establishment. Typical Irish atmosphere of a century ago, but I could count the number of patrons on one hand.
The bartender was a friendly yet no nonsense woman who asked if I was new to the area and recognized that I was, if not a local, familiar with the area and of Northeastern stock.
(This means not a white hipster yuppie but an’ethnic’ by the way).
I don’t know if I give off a certain vibe but it was not long till she opened up about the situation of the bar.
“Well, I’m glad you finally came to this bar. You have three more weeks to enjoy it before it becomes a Korean tile store.”
She explained how the lease ran out and the owners (Korean, of course) were making them leave by raising the rent. This has happened a lot in this area by the way. People breaking even and then having to leave when they raise the rent for the express purpose of getting them out.
I know Libertarians approve.
“Its amazing, these Koreans. They take over and then you are not welcome. They would never let you comfortably go into one of their bars but we let them come here to drink with no problem. That’s really fair!” she quips sarcastically.
There is real anger in her voice, low key but palpable. This is what you call a healthy instinct.
“Well that’s it then?” I answer. “The whole key is to make them feel unwelcome in return.”
The women smiles, but we both know it’s too little, too late. We are the Minority now and it does not work that way. Their numbers are too great and the weight of the managerial system is designed with our DNA in mind. There are a million ways the newcomers can scam versus the working stiffs who mostly followed the law and are now paying for it good and hard.
In truth, I don’t want to make anyone feel unwelcome as long as they are respectful and dealing with me or mine in good faith. My true resentment of all this is that the pPowers That Be have not only made this impossible now, but have used the very ‘fair shake’ quality of the average European American AGAINST them.
I am getting angry just typing these words so it’s time to stop. But I will offer a positive ending to this screed.
White Racial Consciousness is going to develop further in the next decade. Older men need to let go of Murica—wave the Flag if you must, but realize it represents more a state of mind than actual facts on the ground. That is fine, an ideal is something to shoot for even if you never reach it.
Younger men, get in shape and learn how to handle life stoically and like a man. Let the classics guide you.
Women, support your man or stay the hell out of the way. Your job is just as important. Strong and intelligent children who are aware of their ancestral heritage, the good, the bad, the sacred and the profane. We must have a true “culture of critique” that seeks to improve not undermine and weaken us.
Okay, I’m getting too serious now. Check you all later.
1. Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam’s study on diversity and its effects on both social capital, cohesion and individuals.
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Sam J.     Aug 11, 2016

"... Older men need to let go of Murica, wave the Flag if you must but realize it represents more a state of mind than actual facts on the ground..."

It used to make me see red when someone burned the American flag. Now it doesn't bother me and soon I'll be burning it myself.
Anon     Aug 18, 2016

Love that comment
Days of Broken Arrows     Aug 19, 2016

The problem of immigration and assimilation needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, the time for that was around 1880 and America failed at it.

Where the U.S. went wrong was letting too many Italian and Irish Catholics in. This altered not only the demographics of key big cities (which turned Democrat), but fundamentally altered the culture.

Specifically, we went from a Protestant Work Ethic society to a Catholic Charities one. As such, we became more open to liberal policies and ideas that damaged the country. Unfettered immigration is a big one.

Where, exactly, did it say that America had to throw its doors open and leave them open? It didn't. Presidents up to Eisenhower strictly controlled immigration for reasons both cultural and economic.

What changed was the culture, and Catholics were a large part of that change. Think how great the country would have been without Catholics: No mafia, no Kennedys, no Mario Cuomo. Hell, there wouldn't have even been a Bruce Springsteen! And I'll bet the awful U2 would never have achieved as much success in the U.S. had it not been primed by Catholicism to be open to moral preening.

The big change, of course, came with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 which was promoted by Ted Kennedy (and also co-sponsored by a Jewish politician, but that's not my subject here).

This bill was a rebuke of the Immigration Act of 1924. Ever heard of that? Look it up. It banned Southern Italians, Asians, and Arabs. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

In closing I'll say two things. First, the very idea that bigotry is "wrong" needs to be upended. Where do liberals get off making moral judgements about who people can like or not like? They're the ones who told us moral judgements were wrong when it came to gays and single mothers, so why is it OK to claim bigotry is "immoral," especially seeing now that studies show babies are "born that way." (Look it up).

My second closing point is that I myself am a descendant of the very ethnic Catholics I just criticized. Sometimes you need to be on the inside to fully understand a problem.

What did it for me was growing up around nuns and priests who worshiped every lowlife criminal/alcoholic/druggie and spat on honest hard-working people. This culture—and its sexually depraved clergy (another topic for another day)—should never have been imported to America on a large scale. It's infested our media, our political discussions, and even our popular entertainment.

And, by the way, "The Sopranos" was pandering garbage. Like Springsteen. The end.
Ishmael     Aug 26, 2016

James, I agree with Sam, I wrote you about our journey into the heart of hillbilly western style territory, I became more of a observer, especially as I grew older, you learn a great deal by keeping your mouth shut, I now try to to speak as a guide, of my past victories and loses, I learned more from lose. I advised a young man today, he is ready to strangle our boss, I explained why he is such a prick sometimes, to him it is logical, this kid is right to be pissed, but the guy is a spoiled child, he is 56 yrs old, will retire a millionaire, no James, we don't make that kind of money, he is what we call a trust fund baby, has similar problems that some people have, when gaining something they didn't work for. I am somewhat like James, I'm fine with individual's, groups are different, that is why I have few friends, have a hard time just keeping myself in line! My sarcasm has put me in hot water a lot, Never take yourself too serious, it's better to have a little fun, I was asked to go to a meeting for managers, having held that post, but the bosses were gone, so I was selected, some meetings are for the bosses to pat their backs, forgetting about the workers who made them shine sometimes, at the end of the meeting having nothing to lose the I was asked how asked the question What can we do to make these meetings more helpful, I replied, wet bar would be nice, or hand out some valium, I never had to attend another meeting!
Jeremy Bentham     Aug 26, 2016

“I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” – James Madison, 1794

“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.” - James Madison, 1794

“We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.” - Winston Churchill

Broken Arrows brings up an important point. Mass immigration is changing America. The more immigrants and refugees from third world countries that are brought into America the more America will come to resemble a third world country, with all the same corruption, oppression, crime, ethnic conflict and general dysfunction that characterizes the third world. This will continue until the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture that made America the place that these migrants wanted to move to will be gone. Imagine what life will like for the white Americans who will remain. Diversity plus proximity equals war. You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. I too am a descendent of Catholic immigrants and in retrospect I am very happy that my ancestors were allowed to settle in a country that was founded by Anglo-Saxon Protestants rather than one founded by Catholics. Anglo-Saxon society has historically been based on a distrust of centralized authority and a respect for individual liberty (AKA the Rights of Englishman). Read John J. Ray’s Monograph: “The Historical Origins and Modern Psychology of Anglo-Saxon Conservatism” On the other hand Catholic societies tend to be authoritarian and collectivist. A reflection of the societies they sprung from in most cases. For example if the parishioners of a Baptist church don’t like what their pastor is preaching they can fire him and hire a new one, because they own the church. That is very decentralized authority and thus very American! Catholic parishioners, even in America, could not do that because they don’t own their parish church (no matter how much money they had contributed to it), the Catholic Diocese does (i.e. THE Catholic Church – The Vatican). That is typical of the big government, socialist authoritarianism of the European Continent where authority is centralized in the extreme and the central government owns and/or controls nearly everything. You get taxed for having a walk-in closet and you must get permission from the government before you may cut down a tree on your own property. So despite being a Catholic myself I cannot support any further Catholic immigration into America. New Catholic immigrants would just bring more stupid, big- government, socialist, nanny- state ideas with them. They’d destroy the liberty and prosperity I, as well as my progeny, enjoy. Naturally then I believe allowing further immigration by Muslims, especially Muslims who profess to support the imposition of Sharia Law, is sheer folly. You would be importing people who do not believe in freedom of religion and who believe in denying equal rights to gays, women and all non-Muslims. You can be guaranteed that is what they would vote for once they became a majority. They also tend to see no shame in living at the expense of infidel society. In fact since the most conservative prediction is that half of all jobs in the USA will be performed by robots in 20 years it would appear prudent to bring in very few if any new immigrant workers and save what jobs remain for American citizens. Certainly the fewer immigrants we allow in the country the easier it will be to assure that they will support America’s White Anglo-Saxon Protestant values, assimilate successfully and be a net benefit to our Republic, in both the short and long terms. Contrary to what the Left would have people believe, there is no law or amendment to the Constitution that allows anyone who wants to come to America the right to live here.
B. McPoopooton     Dec 5, 2016

@Days of BA

Catholic here. Wholeheartedly agree. Why have Catholics been dropped from the "who ruined everything" discussion? I've been wondering that for several years now. My grandparents (Protestant side of the family) and their friends constantly discussed the Catholics' support of degenerates, their handout mentality, encouragement of filth to reproduce, etc. Another group (at one time always mentioned w Catholics) gets singled out quite a bit these days but Catholics have quietly slipped out of the discussion when they played a pivotal role in the destruction of all this.
James     Dec 5, 2016

This is James, from Baltimore, where our catholic churches—which I was raised in—are raking in money for resettlement of Latin Americans and Africans. My mother's church has a bilingual mass, and she was scandalized last Christmas Eve to find herself seated next to an Aztec woman with a toy doll in what appeared to her a coffin.

The three catholic churches in my city neighborhood have banded together under one roof and take one mass a month to visit a Mosque?

The Catholic Church is a mother after all, a mother who wants only to enlarge her brood.
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